Feb 11, 2018

Movie - Amazing Titanman

Jaguar Lim's latest movie is a sci-fi comedy about a couple of secret agents from NASA from United States investigating and searching for an alien which landed on planet earth and their research brought them to SANA, a secret space research agency in Malaysia...

The investigation done by one of the secret agent (Mehrdad Ravavi Mozart) uncovered a number of people in Malaysia who have already came across the alien (Jaguar Lim), believed to be from planet Titan... and how he had somehow touched their lives in many different ways...

At the same time, a strange person (Namewee) gave an interview to some media and revealed the secret information  about the alien and how he came to be...

The movie introduces some pretty cool people such as Jaguar Lim , who is touted ad "The Future Millionaire"; internet sensation Namewee; Iranian model and actor Mehrdad Ravavi Mozart; best actor (Golden Awards 2017) Jordan Voon; Best Female on-stage actress Rosa Chong; Online celebrity Edilson Lim; and many more notables..

My opinion on the movie... When I first got invited.. I was honestly thinking what kind of silly movie was this... and I was half expecting to fall asleep during the review... but when I watched it.. I found it pretty entertaining, funny and hilarious.. the alien needs to be happy and he loves going around doing good deeds .. when he gets sad, that is when he loses his powers... Admittedly this movie is nowhere box office material, but it is a feel good and funny movie that will have you laughing and rooting for the alien while half cringing at the same time...

And be careful of that ping-pong song... I feel that it is gonna be viral... hahaha...

You really do have to give it up to the minimal cast and crew for making this a success with high technique animation and special effects too... 

Language: Mandarin

Subtitle: English / Malay / Chinese
Classification: P13
General Release Date: 22 Feb 2018
Genre: Comedy / Science Fiction
Distributor: Jaguar Lim Production Sdn Bhd 
Cast: Jaguar Lim, Namewee
Director, Producer and Script Writer: Eddie Tiger
Executive Producer: Jaguar Lim

My rating 3.5/5

Do watch the movie and you could stand to win cash prizes up to RM500,000.. 

Jaguar Lim is offering more cash prizes to all who go and watch his movie and then drop the ticket stubs at the nearest Country Tidbits stores...  so who knows you might get a big ang pow for just watching this feel good movie...

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  1. Nice movie. I will try to watch this movie next weekend. I hope this movie is to be enjoyable. Best televisions some times i search this type of movie in my smart TV screen.


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