Jun 29, 2018

Review - Kinohimitsu GC Lite

I have been pretty misbehaving during Ramadhan and also during Raya.. and because of that.. my body has also been gaining weight... At my age, since metabolism has decided to slowed down on me, I find it hard to shed the extra pounds despite hitting the gym and all..

However I was introduced to Kinohimitsu GC Lite, a high fibre and fat free supplement which happens to be one of Kinohimitsu’s latest products which is available on 11street...

As an established beauty brand in Malaysia, everyobe knows how good and trustworthy Kinohimitsu products can be... Anyway, Kinohimitsu has a Healthy & Beautiful Raya campaign where they want to help people like you and me look our best and be more confident this Raya... After all don't you just hate it when you come face to face with that Kaypoh Auntie or cousin who will snipe at you ,"Eh, you look very healthy" or worse, "Wow, you put on a lot of weight..." now do you???

Anyway the Kinohimitsu GC Lite comes in a white and gold box in which you can find 30 sachets...

The sachet is long and slim... and contains a peach powder with garcinia cambogia and proprietary blend of tea blossom extract, potato protein extract and oat fibre...

You can consume the powder directly... or choose to mix it with 200 ml of water to make a peach flavoured drink...

This drink or mixture has the benefits of suppressing appetite, blocking fat formation, boosting metabolism, and relieving constipation....

All you need to do is take 1 sachet daily everyday 30 minutes before meal... Personally, I have been consuming 1 sachet of Kinohimitsu GC Lite every morning for 2 weeks or more now and I have to say I love it.. it taste really yummy... and the drink is just like a sweet peach fruit drink...

And if you are asking if the product makes you want to go to the toilet too often because of diarrhea, the answer is no...

The key ingredients of Kinohimitsu GC Lite includes PI2XLIM™, Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Extract, and Bifidobacterium Longum (probiotic). It has been formulated in Taiwan with effective, natural slimming ingredients; no laxatives, and is SGS tested.

For your information, 1 box of Kinohimitsu GC Lite contains 30 sachets x 10g and you can buy it at RM159 over at 11street.my

I am loving the product because together with my regular cardio and weights workout at the gym, my weight has reduced about 4.4kg now.... and all this in 2 weeks plus.... and for a change it feels good when people actually tell me I look slimmer now then I use to...

I have 3 boxes of Kinohimitsu GC Lite to giveaway to my readers. Head to my IG (www.instagram.com/mieranadhirah) to join...


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  2. hi babe hehe visiting u today HAHAHHA out of sudden kan, nver yet trying this one but kinohimitsu memang i suka giler the collagen drinks tu tp nak maintain aiyoooo kopak poket!! thats why x berapa cantik lol no money no talk kan HAHHAHAA

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