Jan 24, 2019

Helmi Gimmick conferred Honorary Doctorate by Sabi University, France

So yours truly was over at the auditorium room of Wisma Bentley Music to witness Dr. Helmi Harun a well-known entertainer (singer, actor, motivator, impersonator and stage act), Helmi Gimmick who has also been actively involved in the Network Marketing industry for the last 20 years receive his Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration... 

Having successfully help make many of the products he market well known and sought after in the market, as well as helping many people achieve their dreams of a healthier and better lifestyle, this achievement and contribution to the society have finally earned him the Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration by SABI University of France..

The conferment of Doctorate in Business Administration at the auditorium room of Wisma Bentley Music marks a new beginning for Dr Helmi Harun and Annkang... and Dr Helmi Harun has pledged to do his best to contribute back to Annkang by lecturing and training all potential leaders to become future entrepreneurs for the company...

Annkang Wellness Sdn Bhd, a network marketing company founded in 2006 by Dato' Louis Chong targets benefiting people around the world with their holistic wellness concept 'Detox. Regulate and Boost' ...

Annkang Wellness Sdn.Bhd. is a company focused on helping people achieve a more balanced lifestyle emphasizing on wellness whilst also serving as an entrepreneurship platform to help more people to achieve not only physical wellness but social and financial wellness as well....

The company has a few products which are certainly amazing in benefits and surprisingly affordable....

'Our vision is to create a healthy, harmonious and happy life for everyone.," said Dato' Louis Chang.

Dato' Louis Chong, happened to be the co-founder of Ogawa, a world-renowned brand of massage equipment is now rapidly growing Annkang in overseas markets such as Singapore, Mauritius, Vietnam and Cambodia with Thailand and Indonesia also in the pipeline....

We would of course like to wish Dr Helmi Harun a hearty congratulations and hope that he will continue being successful with Annkang Wellness Sdn Bhd..


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