Dec 27, 2019

UHU's new Innovative Products For Creativity And Everyday Solving Essentials

I always choose UHU glue when it comes to superglue... But well... Faber-Castell Malaysia has since introduced a lot of other UHU’s innovative products...

With its latest expansion into the extreme repair adhesive product category, UHU now commands a significant market share in the Malaysian retail adhesive market.

Among new UHU products to look out for at stores starting November 2019 would include the UHU Stic Magic Blue and the Limited-Edition PETS 2.... Ok pretty excited for this since my daughter is going back to school too and heaven knows we do always have something or other that needs fixing around the house...

For UHU Max Repair for extreme repairs, Super Glue Ultra-Fast Control and the Super Glue Mini for a one-time use will be available in stores from March 2020.

A more detailed description for each product is as seen below:

UHU Stic Magic Blue (8.2g – RM4.70, 21g – RM8.90)

With a magical disappearing colour formula developed by UHU, a blue tinge is seen upon application but the colour disappears in a few seconds. This formula makes glue application more precise with the blue tinge as a visual guide. 

This product is suitable especially for children who will be amazed with the disappearing colour formula. The Magic Blue is ideal for gluing paper, cardboard, photos, Styrofoam, labels, textiles and more. A solvent free glue formula with 98% natural ingredients, this product is easily washed off with cold water and it is safe for children too.

UHU Stic The Secret Life of PETS 2 - Limited Edition (8.2g – RM4.40, 21g – RM8.70)

A must-have in offices, classrooms and at home – the popular UHU Stic is now available in a series of eight ‘The Secret Life of PETS 2’ limited edition designs which makes them ideal as collectibles. Gidget, Max, Cute Snowball, Chloe, Duke, Mel, Pickles and Sweet Pea are among characters featured in this limited-edition design of the UHU Stic.

UHU Max Repair Extreme (8g, RM18.90)

The UHU Max Repair Extreme is an extremely strong adhesive which makes it ideal for major repairs around the house, shoes or any broken items. It is an all-rounder that can handle any kind of gluing job and the result is resistance to shock, temperature, UV and it is also dishwasher safe.

UHU Super Glue Ultra-Fast Control (3g, RM7.90)

The new UHU Super Glue Ultra-Fast Control features its unique Direct-Stop Technology and improved adhesive formula. So, no more dirty fingers, no more spilling and no more uncontrolled adhesive flows. The special inlay in the tube exerts counter-pressure which causes the tube to veer back into its original shape when it meets light pressure, creating a suck-back effect. With improved adhesive formula, the Super Glue Ultra-Fast Control becomes the new adhesive shelf standard, bringing all the following advantages together in a single product.

The original UHU Super Glue now also has a 1g (1g pack of 3, RM10.90) mini variant for one-time use repairs on the go, anywhere, anytime!

UHU products are sold at major stationery stores, hardware stores and convenient stores nationwide as well as e-commerce platforms such as and, so get yours soon...

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