Dec 18, 2019

RX Silk Infusion Treatment with Dr Felicia and Dr Toh

It had been a while since I last went for my facial.. And so much so with all my activities and traveling coupled with not being able to sleep well, my face has been showing signs of tiredness, stress, wrinkle lines, breakouts as well as clogged pores and eye bags..

I was bemoaning the fact to Dr Felicia, who I got to know through another friend and she told me to visit her clinic...

The appointment date clashed with a day she was traveling, so Dr Felicia asked me to consult with her partner Dr Toh who recommended me to try the RX Silk Infusion treatment...

My first question was.. was it invasive or will it hurt.. Lol...

The RX Silk Infusion treatment is a unique, non-invasive, 3-in-1 technology that has instant – and cumulative – results.

Whether your skin is suffering from hyperpigmentation, acne or even skin dryness, the RX Silk Infusion treatment helps volumizes the skin by 70% for up to 72 hours following the procedure resulting in smoother, healthier and more hydrated skin...

The RX Silk Infusion treatment uses a controlled vacuum pressure to pull the skin up into a chamber in the hand piece, where it is evenly and gently abraded.

The vacuum pressure is adjusted for different parts of the face, and it really feels like a mini vacuum cleaner going across your skin.. At the same time, the tip that abrades the skin, is also used to driving a condition-specific topical solution deep into your skin, down to the dermal junction where the skin cells are regenerating...
Thus this treatment helps exfoliates the top damaged skin layers, and help to reveal healthier, younger looking skin underneath while infusing skin-specific serums deep into the skin with a diamond tipped wand resulting in a much fresher, softer, smoother appearance after the treatment..

Once the treatment is over, a facial sheet mask is placed over my face to calm the skin as  well as to hydrate my skin further...

It certainly feels like my skin got brighter and lighter after the treatment... With just as great results...

A close friend of mine also consulted and underwent laser treatment for his acne scars... 

Just sharing a little on the lovely doctors...

Dr Felicia Soong believes aesthetic treatments are meant to highlight or enhance existing features to bring out the best in her patients. Seeking treatments to help restore our youthfulness is not vanity because we should care for ourselves from the harsh toll of aging...

Dr Felicia Soong graduated with a Medical degree from the University of Manchester in 2005 and received her first training in aesthetics with ADEG Singapore in 2009.

Dr Felicia has been successful trained in numerous procedures apart from injectable fillers and Botox. Her other expertise are in threadlifts, PRP, Lasers, Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Vaginal Rejuvenation and Stem cells Therapy.

Dr Felicia was also the Mrs Malaysia Universe 2018 in May 2018 and was appointed as an ambassador for Change Your World & Be My Protector to fight against Human Slavery, Abuse & Trafficking.

On the other hand, Dr Toh obtained Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine, Masters in Aesthetic Gynaecology, Masters in platelet rich plasma(PRP) and Fat Grafting.

From 2014, Dr Toh has been practicing aesthetic medicine mainly focusing on pigmentation treatments using medical grade lasers, anti-aging using PRP/skin boosters, botulinum toxins/fillers/threadlift and aesthetic gynaecology for the rejuvenation and tightening of the female intimate area/ treatment of stress urinary incontinence...

So you should rest your mind you are in good hands when you seek treatment under these two lovely lady aesthetic doctors...

Their clinic is at the Plaza Arkadia in Desa Park City..

For more information, you can DM or contact Dr Felicia directly at her Instagram account

Address - 
Block D-G-8, Plaza Arkadia, No 3 Jalan Intisari Perdana, Desa Parkcity, 52200 Kuala Lumpur


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