May 2, 2020

Let's home tutor with ITTV

With the threat of COVID19 hanging in the air, schools will remain shut for  quite a while... So to make sure the kids do not lose out too much on their studies,  ITTV can be a great option to consider ..

Education should not be stopped for students due to the pandemic virus. It should be kept going on with any platform available, and well we know  online platform is now one of the best and safest way for the kids. 

After all, as parents, we would naturally be worried if our kids are not studying enough or getting enough info for their schoolwork... 

iTTV is a Home Tutorial System designed to help students to revise/study anytime, anywhere and at their own pace and time.

So take a look at this video and check out to know more about the packages they have designed exclusively for your kids...

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