May 21, 2020

Printcious launches unique T-shirt designs to remind the public to take extra safe measures

I love personalised gifts or premium items... Don't you? Whenever you get something personalised it feels as if it was specially selected for you, I. Even got one of my very best friends a personalised t-shirt for his birthday recently... 

And if you are like me, you got to know Printcious, a leading e-commerce platform specialising in personalised merchandise and gifts has launched some unique COVID19 T-shirt and tote bags designs to remind the public to take extra safety measures.. 

And the best thing is, they are targetting RM50,000 from the proceeds of the sale of these limited edition merchandise which will be donated to MERCY Malaysia and another unnamed charity foundation to assist them in their efforts to combat Covid19!!!! 

Safety protocols practised during the movement control order (MCO) including washing hands and social distancing are highlighted in the theme as Printcious hoped the public would remain vigilant now that the government allowed flexibility for businesses to resume operations....

“At times like this, there is a need for everybody to play their part to help the nation combat Covid19 leveraging on their unique strengths. While we may not be able to fork out our own money to provide monetary assistance, we have taken an initiative to work with partners including Ricoh (Well reputable imaging and electronics company), Gildan (No. 1 T-shirt brand in the USA), Exabytes (SEA Cloud and Digital Solution Provider) and Main-Main (a Malaysian-based Creative Incubator) to launch this series of unique T-shirt designs to sell to the public,” said Vincent Tong, Chief Executive Officer of Printcious. 

“We also welcome corporations to support this campaign to raise awareness and donation by making their own branded Covid19 T-shirts for their employees. We believe that businesses may slow down but we all need to continue to run to keep the economy moving while supporting the government during this global pandemic,” he added. Additional customisation works such as adding name and brand logos can be done without any extra fees. 

For this special campaign that runs from middle of May to the end of July 2020, Printcious came up with six creative T-shirts made of Gildan premium cotton that serve as a reminder for the public to practise safety measures. The white round neck T-shirts are sold at RM29.90 per piece and offer sizes from XS to 3XL. 

Other than T-shirts, the campaign also includes tote bags with the same special designs. Each is priced at RM29.90. Printcious is set to achieve the sale target of 1,000 units of T-shirts and tote bags to raise the donation. 

Printcious is offering FREE delivery for any purchase above RM70 throughout Malaysia including Sabah & Sarawak...

I personally think these t-shirts are so cool and coupled with the fact it is also for a good cause, you are so gonna see me sport these cool tees around to remind myself and those around me of our responsibility towards ourselves and fellow citizens of Malaysia... 

Psst... If you buy 6 designs @ RM 150, you can get FREE RM 150 cash vouchers to shop for other personalised merchandise at Printcious!!! How awesome is that!! 

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