Dec 17, 2020


As a leading and innovative beverage manufacturer in the market, DyDo Drinco Malaysia Sdn Bhd is taking an advantageous move in view of a recent surge in consumer interest in regard to 
immune health by introducing vida Vitamin C sparkling drink with 1000mg of vitamin C; catering to the strong demand of the healthy drink market among consumers in the wake of this pandemic.

The all new vida Vitamin C is an amazing extension of the vida sparkling beverage brand which has been formulated using advanced Japanese R&D and expertise....

vida Vitamin C sparkling drink contains essential 1000mg Vitamin C in every can and is the first ready-to-drink Vitamin C sparkling beverage in Malaysia. In addition to being approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH), vida Vitamin C sparkling drink also received recognition as the Healthier Choice in Malaysia and Singapore because of its low sugar content and for the recommended daily dose of Vitamin C. 

Our immune system is essential for our survival and without a resilient immune system, our bodies are open to attack from bacteria, viruses, parasites, and more. An effective way to boost immunity of the body is with the regular intake of Vitamin C as it is an imperative nutritional 
component that is known for its multiple health benefits and shield the body against infections.

vida Vitamin C sparkling drink is great for everyone irregardless of age groups, especially for people who are always on-the-go with a busy lifestyle and in search of a hassle-free Vitamin C health drink.

With vida Vitamin C sparkling drink, getting the recommended daily dose of Vitamin C to boost is never easier.

vida Vitamin C sparkling drink comes in two refreshing and thirst-quenching flavours - vida Vitamin C Lemon Sparkling and vida Vitamin C Orange Sparkling with the benefits and vitamins of 18 lemons and 19 oranges each. Both flavours meet the recommended Vitamin C consumption packed in a 325ml can size and are accessible to consumers exclusively at 7-11 convenience stores, petrol-marts and made available through online purchase.

The appointment of Hannah Delisha as vida Vitamin C sparkling drink brand ambassador is fitting as she embodies what vida C is about as a brand –
sparkling, beautiful, demure and full of 
life. Hannah started her career in Singapore as a member of the group Delisha, then appeared in several television shows published by MediaCorp Suria which later leads to her debut and 
commercial success in Malaysia through a drama adaptation of the novel Mencintaimu Mr. Photographer in 2017.

With DyDo's philosophy to develop and provide healthier beverages to the consumers, DyDo hopes vida vitamin C sparkling drink is the answer for everyone.

Bursting with fresh, sweet notes of lemon and orange, vida Vitamin C sparkling drink is the pinnacle of our daily defence. It is highly convenient and travel friendly as it is packaged in a perfectly portable size of 325ml can. Made for on-the-go consumption and hassle free, with vida 
vitamin C sparkling drink, getting your recommended daily dose of Vitamin C is never easier. 


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