Dec 30, 2020

LIVEON the best to stay healthy and young


Over the years as normal human beings, we eat a lot of food and we grow older.. As we age, both our internal and external organs begin to deteriorate.. 

The food we eat is converted to sugar, the energy source we depend on to carry on with out daily activities.. However, the excess and unused sugar in our body will drift inside the body and it starts sticking or binding itself to the protein onside our body, a process called "Glycation"  which eventually causes Advanced Glycation  End Products (AGEs) 

These AGEs causes damage to our cells and affect them.. A lifestyle with imbalanced food intake, lack of exercise, stess and ageing can contribute to excess amounts of AGEs which then speeds up ageing of cells and excess melanin production etc... 

Being in my 40s means I am subjected to all that and as for being inactive for months due to being forced to stay home, means I have more aches and pains as well as my skin feels more haggard nowadays with the presence of double eyebags and my stamina getting horribly low... 

The lack of exercise due to getting cooped up during periods of Movement Control Order is also making my body weight more harder to control... 

My sleeping habits have also been getting bad with my waking up twice in the middle of the night, and struggling to fall back to sleep... 

Climbing a flight of stairs can make me pant like a dog running two or three rounds around the football field... And I find that terrifying... 

Wellous is a company that focuses on naturally-sourced functional food and food technology to bring out the most benefits on its ingredients for optimum effectiveness.

LIVEON is one of the top products Wellous is introducing... Wellous LIVEON is a Natural Revitalising Essence developed with the ultimate reverse ageing formulation, the best choice for anti-ageing!

Wellous LIVEON contains rich antioxidants which helps replenish nutrition and energy to our cells. 

Wellous LIVEON comes packed in a small sachet which is ready to drink with mixed fruit flavors, including kiwi, mangoesteen and mulberry...

Wellous LIVEON has been made from 4 major patented natural ingredients which os the Enzogenol Pine Bark Extract, SOD Extramel, Puredia Sea Buckthorn Extract, Sirtmax Black Turmeric Extract... 

Wellous LIVEON is best suitable those who are health concious, those who live a hectic lifestyle, those who are regularly exposed to direct sunlight, those who are concerned about their skin and those who suffer from sleep deprivation... 

It is also suitable for both gender to consume and is HALVEC certified, Fat free & suitable for vegan... 

(Psst.. Don't you think I look so much better with this picture compared to the one above in the rabbit pyjamas) 

After consuming one whole box of Wellous LIVEON for 2 weeks, I am pleased and also most grateful to say that my body weight is now more in control, my skin looks a lot brighter and better then before... 

I sleep much better just waking up once now, nearer to morning and when I have to climb the stairs, my lungs do not feel like their are going to burst as it used to... 

Which means my breathing is more regulated rather then panting..  It is really good and I am gonna continue with my second box with hopefully even better results... 

Wellous LIVEON has been categorised as food by NPRA, KKM.. Wellous LIVEON is a functional beverage which contains high amount of natural antioxidant from multiple plant extracts which provides various health benefits to the consumer. 

How to consume - Just consume 1 sachet a day, best taken 15 minutes before meal.. The liquid beverage is not too sweet, not bitter and is pleasant to consume in my opinion.. 

Just shake the sachet, tear it open and consume...

For more info, please check out Wellous website and 


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