Dec 11, 2020


Singer /actress Nabila Razali has been appointed the 2021 brand ambassador for BeFine Probiotic Yogurt drink.. 

This would be a fitting appointment since the lovely Nabila personifies BeFine’s brand personality by being cheerful and positive... 

Nabila Razali has made her name in the entertainment industry with her radio-friendly songs and acting talent in various prime-time dramas. Also recently, her chart-topping song, Peluang Kedua qualified for the semi-finals of Muzik Muzik 35.. 

Her calibre as a rising star are recognised by the industry and she was nominated in the Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2017. 

With 2.5 million followers on Instagram, Nabila is just as influential as a personality, on and off screen. Her colourful discography and filmography often made headlines in major newspapers, online news platforms as well as TV talk shows, spotlighting her career achievements. 

On the other hand, BeFine Probiotic Yogurt drink is renowned in the market as the only yogurt drink in Malaysia that uses Bifidobacterium, Japan’s leading and clinically proven probiotic that protects our body against bad bacteria, help relieve constipation, restores gut health, and optimizes our digestive system. Using the latest and advanced Japanese R&D, BeFine contains zero fat, zero cholesterol, no artificial colouring and no added preservatives that ensures Malaysian consumers maximum benefits for the gut and health well-being... 

BeFine Probiotic Yogurt drink is suitable for all age group and expecting mothers, and just perfect for people who are prone to general illnesses such as common cold, fever or stomach discomfort as well as skin irritation because Japan Bifidobacterium Probiotic promotes better immune system, providing the body better control against infections, keeping the gut healthy, preventing allergies and improving skin conditions. 

Made under the strict guidelines of internationally recognised good manufacturing practices, BeFine Probiotic Yogurt drink is made with natural, top-quality ingredients and comes in 5 unique flavours; BeFine Plain Yogurt Drink, BeFine Passion Fruit Yogurt Drink, BeFine Mulberry Yogurt Drink and BeFine Strawberry Yogurt Drink...

BeFine Kiwi Avocado Yogurt Drink was recently launched in August 2020 and has quickly become the best selling flavour out of all the flavour and the top-picked flavour amongst Malaysian consumers for its refreshing and distinctive taste.... 

Nabila Razali will be promoting the ‘Switch To BeFine’ roadshow campaign where consumers can switch their current yogurt drink of any brand to enjoy BeFine Probiotic Yogurt drink during the 50 roadshows nationwide..  

The campaign is to educate and inform consumers about the goodness and unexceptional health benefits of Japan’s Bifidobacterium Probiotic for their gut especially during this pandemic season where we need to keep our health at its best. 

BeFine Probiotic Yogurt drink comes in two sizes – 200 and 600 grams and available across all major hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

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Official BeFine Instagram page: @befinemalaysia

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