Jan 1, 2021

Affordable and Fast Service Spectacles for just RM65 at Eye Smart Vision, Sungei Wang Plaza, KL

We all know buying spectacles can be pretty challenging... It can be hard trying to find that perfect frame.... And then the type of lenses..

Most of us want good lenses but then these lenses end up being pretty costly causing a huge hole in your pocket... 

So whenever my daughter says she needs a new pair, being a single mom, my heart just drops... At the damage its gonna do to my monthly financial budget.. 

However, I was browsing through a fellow blogger friend's blog when I saw her saying she got a pair of lovely spectacles for as low as RM65 from a popular /viral for being affordable spectacles shop in Sungei Wang Plaza!!!

That definitely sounded too good to be true, but I headed over to Sungei Wang Plaza... 

The shop is on the Ground floor and the person to see is the very friendly and accomodative manager, Jimmy.. Head there and look for Jimmy or better still, make a "date with Jimmy"  ( https://www.wasap.my/60176027433

The Eye Smart Vision shop might be small but it has a huge variety of frames... And it only costs you RM65 for a pair of frame and lenses!!!! 

Eye Smart Vision offers thousands of spectacle frames for men, women, and teens... And these frames are all made from quality flexible material that will not be bent or broken so easily

It is so reasonably or even unbelievably affordable you might not just get one pair, because with prices as low as what they are offering, you definitely shop guilt-free...

Need addition protection for your lenses to protect your eyes from those harsh UV rays from the sun, or your computer screen, laptop or phone, just add RM60 for the alpha blue 420 which means your new pair of spectacles only cost RM125!!! 

The icing on the cake? Once you have gotten your eyes checked and the lenses prescribed, your new pair of spectacles will be ready within half to 1 hour!!!!  Sooooo convenient

I had my daughter's spectacles made and then we went for a quick dinner and when we got back to the shop from our dinner, it was all ready!!!  

I mean usually for many other shops, you have to come back the next day or two days later to collect your spectacles which can be a pain and inconvenient at times.. So getting the spectacles you ordered ready in like less then hour is truly heaven sent... 

Jimmy is truly professional, friendly and is ready to answer any questions, doubts or concerns you might have, and it was just so easy and pleasant ordering my glasses from him... 

Address - Eye Smart Vision, G114 Ground Floor, Sungei Wang Plaza, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur


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