Jan 24, 2021


Most of us know that there has not been any significant changes in the somewhat difficult process of homebuying in the property industry over the past few years... 

However, I recently got to know Myra’s Homebuying Hub which eases homebuying especially for first-time homebuyers with their simple 4-step process.... 

Myra’s Homebuying Hub, is really very useful for all potential homebuyers by ridding most obstacles in the current conventional home booking process... 

The new booking app, accessible through Myra's website, simplifies the entire purchasing process with templated examples of documents to submit as well as other information provided to guide you on your home buying journey along with an online calculator to work out your monthly bank loan repayment instalments... 

Home buyers can easily upload documents into their personal folder onto their profile on the app...

With that Myra will review the documents and offer assistance in terms of document submission....

The app also serves as a portal to update purchasers on their booking.  
Myra is committed to making a difference in the world of real estate... 

Eyeing a young target market, the team at Myra is very much well-aware that the entire journey of buying a home can be pretty long-winded and tedious, especially when it involves first-time homebuyers..... 

Wendy Lim, General Manager of Myra said, “We started with what we could with the website, a simplified fun 4-step journey that summarizes the entire homeownership journey into layman terms. After receiving positive responses, we began to think more about how we could improve the entire experience for a young homebuyer.”

Most Malaysians like me myself (I must admit) are pretty clueless when it comes to homebuying, and Myra’s Homebuying Hub can be heaven sent in this scenario as it helps educate me and others like me on the other areas that homebuying holds and provide better, more informative and guided education....

Digital solutions to current challenges
Myra’s Homebuying Hub are created to solve two main problems – the lack of convenience and the thirst for knowledge.... 

Firstly, Myra customers will be able to get the best, and the most seamless experience possible. Secondly, the information on the app closes the knowledge gap through education and awareness.

It may be kind of exciting to purchase a home for the first time, but homebuyers will need to calculate installments, current repayments, interest rates and Debt Service Ratio (DSR) checking...

In most instances, these tasks are done manually and written down on a piece of paper, inconveniencing homebuyers should they lose it and are unable to recall these important calculations. 

With app features like online instalment calculators, DSR calculation rating, document submission guide and additional tips for homebuyers, Myra ensures their homebuying experience is smooth and educational for these homeowners. 

In the past, document collection for the purpose of loan applications was also a highly inefficient back-and-forth manual process for all parties involved. Often having to make personal visits to the developer’s office to provide documents such as EPF statements, EA form, income tax and more, and first-time homebuyers are often overwhelmed by the load of documents that they need to prepare....

Now, both parties will be able to skip the tedious manual liaising processes and Myra can streamline everything digitally as well as issue an official receipt upon payment. 

Homebuyers, can enjoy having an easy point of reference for any documents that they will need to complete the booking, and at the same time, receive quick assistance from the Myra team throughout the journey to owning their home.

Ultimately, Myra homebuyers and prospective homebuyers will have a digitally housed copy of all necessary documents that they would be able to refer to or download for their future usage and reference - even if they were to not proceed with their current Myra-booking or reconsider buying another home in the future.

Myra’s Homebuying Hub will collect, store and handle personal information of individuals in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”) and has obtained SSL Certificate to ensure the security of every app user’s privacy.

For more information, do be sure to head on over to https://www.myra.com.my.


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