Jan 10, 2021

Dendeng Cik Midah serves delicious Halal Bak Kwa

“𝐁𝐀𝐊 𝐊𝐖𝐀” is a slice of non-halal dried meat that normally sell in thin square slice made from pork or chicken.  It is also known as Rougan (肉干). With food fusion and experiments taking place everywhere nowadays, it is fortunate for us to be able to find halal bak kwa are which are made with chicken or beef for those that do not consume pork or are Muslims...

Bak Kwa is also considered a unique slice of sweet meat which originated from Fujian, China has been marinated with original herbs and spices and is considered a luxury food item, thus it is slightly pricey...

For the Chinese community, especially for the Hokkiens, the demand for bak kwa rises during Chinese New Year as it is kind of traditional to either serve or gift this sweet delicacy to best friends and relatives during this festive season...

Having Chinese blood, therefore I am excited when I heard Halal Bak Kwa has been introduced to our Malaysian market by Dendeng Cik Midah

Dendeng Cik Midah serves Halal Beef and Chicken Bak Kwa that comes in a variety of 3 flavors - Original, Madu Tualang and Spicy Szechuan... These Bak Kwas are seriously good once you have chilled them and personally I love both the original one and the one with Madu Tualang... I love indulging in this Bak Kwas with a plain slice of bread...

Dendeng Cik Midah uses the traditional way of preparation which originated from China.  They use rambutan wood for the smoky flavour /scent.. 

However, Cik Midah has managed to tweak the original recipe by using Halal herbs and spices to make the Bak Kwa taste as authentic as possible

All ingredients and the preparation is Halal and is produced by the Muslim Malays of Malaysia

The Dendeng Bak Kwa Cik Midah  store can be found at N9 Food Court, Sungai Ramal Kajang and is opened daily from 7.00pm to 10.30pm



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