Oct 25, 2021


Taisho Pharmaceutical has launched LOCOA® (Esflurbiprofen), a transdermal patch, created to help the osteoarthritis patients to manage their pain that may be troubling their movements and daily activities.

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common joint disease and it is recognised as among the highest contributor of global disabilities. 

“Once someone’s being diagnosed with osteoarthritis, there’s potential for the pain to occur more frequently thus it is vital to take preventive measures and while there is no cure for this incapacitating illness, treatments have improved significantly in the recent years and there’s a clear benefit in starting treatment at an early stage”, said Chief Operating Officer of HOE Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Taisho Pharmaceutical Group, Mr. Tomoyuki Katsuta. 

LOCOA® has been approved since 2016 in Japan and it was developed with the intention of giving more option to osteoarthritis patients in managing their pain more effectively.

It occurs more frequently in males before the age of 45 and in females after 45 years of age . Most common symptoms of osteoarthritis patients include joint pain, stiffness, swelling, loss of muscle bulk, limb deformity and grating or crackling sound or sensation .

The goal of treatment in osteoarthritis is to reduce joint pain and inflammation while improving and maintaining joint function. 

Developed in Japan, LOCOA® is a tape type patch with COX inhibition that is used to treat inflammation and pain for osteoarthritis. 

LOCOA® offers high transdermal absorption ratio . LOCOA® has shown to provide high analgesic improvement . 
Besides resting, stretching, weight loss management, physical therapy, occupational therapy or mechanical support devices, such as knee braces, osteoarthritis patients have an option with LOCOA® to manage their pain. 

LOCOA® is proven to be safe on having a safety study based on a 52-weeks treatment and has minimal Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) . LOCOA® has a daily dosing of one patch only as the plasma concentration is well maintained throughout 24 hours . 

Mr. Tomoyuki Katsuta also added, “We hope that patients who are on LOCOA® will be able to live their day-to-day life close to normal again without having to bear much pain”. 

 LOCOA® now can be found at all major pharmacies and healthcare facilities near you. 


  1. Taisho Pharmaceutical's introduction of Locoa® as a new treatment option for osteoarthritis management is promising.

  2. This development offers potential relief for individuals suffering from this condition, expanding the range of available treatment choices.


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