Oct 6, 2021


Choosing the correct RV generator can be challenging for first-time buyers. That’s because one size does not fit all. There are many other vital things that one must note about a generator to decide if it is the right one for their RV. For instance, they are powered by various fuel sources, have different features, and require other maintenance methods.

You can check this source https://outdoorlifecafe.com for options of the best RV generators on the market. Additionally, the following information can help you in selecting the appropriate one for you.

Primary types: Built-in and portable generators

Before you even look at the options of different generators, understand that there are two major types.

1. Built-in generators

For RVs that come with a compartment for a generator, a built-in variety is an apt choice. These are hard-wired to the camper’s electrical system and started by the battery, thereby eliminating the need for manual operation. Even the fuel they run on is drawn from the vehicle.

2. Portable generators 

Portable generators are pretty much the opposite of built-in versions. They are placed at a substantial distance from the RV, need a manual operation and a steady fuel supply. 

Critical differences between the two

Below is a list of highly crucial aspects of RV generators and how each changes depending on the generator type.

Fuel source - All built-in generators use up fuel from your RV’s gas tank. In contrast, portable units require a separate fuel tank that you will need to keep full.

Installation - Installing built-in units can be a complex and time-consuming process. But once done, you need not worry about moving it. Portable ones do not require installation as they are separate from the camper.

Power capacity - Built-in generators can effortlessly provide up to 12,000 watts of power, while portable ones cannot typically exceed 8,000 watts. It is advisable to get a built-in unit if you have a large camper such as Class C or Class A because a small portable one may not power all your appliances. 

Cost - Portable RV generators are far less expensive than their built-in counterparts. Then there is also the cost of installation to consider for built-in units. Ultimately, how much it costs you will depend on the generator's type, model, and installation charges.

Emissions - As a built-in unit is inside the vehicle, getting a carbon monoxide alarm is advised. Also, keeping the windows shut when the generator is in use will prevent the exhaust from seeping back inside. You need not worry about the above with a portable generator since it is outside. 

Noise and Maintenance - Portable units are a tad noisier than the built-in ones. However, maintenance is easier for portable types as they are more accessible.


According to statistics, the US accounts for over 29% share of the global RV market. Also, the market for RV generators is estimated to grow at a rate of 5.6% by 2027. This indicates that more people will be investing in camper generators shortly.

And it is all the more important to choose the right one. So, take your time when picking the right generator for your RV, ensuring it runs smoothly. You should also ensure proper and timely maintenance of all the RV parts, and not just the generator, to enjoy the vehicle for a considerable amount of time.


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