Dec 21, 2021

BlackBixon launches their BB2GO EV (electric vehicle) Coffee Bike

Ni Hsin Group Bhd's subsidiary BlackBixon2Go Sdn Bhd launched the
BB2GO EV (electric vehicle) Coffee Bike for use in the sale of BlackBixon coffee... 

These electric bikes are powered by a battery system specially configured to also provide the power for the coffee-making machine and are an extension of Ni Hsin’s cafe @ anywhere concept under its food and beverage business.... 

The bikes are equipped with GPS for easy tracking of orders and locations of BB2GO EV Coffee Bikes using the BB2GO app.

Concurrently, BlackBixon2Go also signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Acasia Communications Sdn Bhd to digitalise the new business concept through its connectivity and cloud services, supporting the BB2GO app.

BlackBixon2Go managing director Khoo Chee Kong said the company embarked on a transformation trail, from a traditional manufacturer of stainless-steel products to a new age business model riding on the EV revolution with BB2GO EV Coffee Bike combining Malaysians’ love for coffee and the desire to maintain a green and healthy environment.

“This business concept is apt and fitting for the street food industry, it’s also very suitable for catering, open house and parties

“The BB2GO EV Coffee Bike is a totally self-sufficient bar that does not require an electrical outlet to power the coffee machine.

“The batteries from the EV bike are technically configured to produce up to 400 cups of coffee and can be recharged after that. With BB2GO EV Coffee Bike you can be a barista, just as in a modern cafe, serving espresso coffee or cappuccino prepared in front of your customer’s eyes,” he said.

Ni Hsin said its use of the electric bikes is part of the company’s commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities as well as adopting a mindset change for business sustainability in the face of technological advancement.

Ni Hsin said it is also observing, learning and innovating to improve the way it conducts business as part of its ESG responsibilities.

The company is also planning to expand the BB2GO EV Coffee Bike concept across ASEAN and is also planning to manufacture and assemble the electric bikes in collaboration with an established EV manufacturer from China for the commercial and consumer market in Malaysia and ASEAN in near future... 

To enquire or get your own Blackbixon coffee machine, contact


  1. I'm so impressed by BlackBixon's commitment to innovation and sustainability with the launch of the BB2GO EV Coffee Bike. ipvanish winter sale This type of eco-friendly transportation is an amazing step forward in the right direction.

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  3. BlackBixon's BB2GO EV Coffee Bike is a remarkable innovation, combining the convenience of an electric vehicle with the aromatic delight of freshly brewed coffee, providing a unique and eco-friendly coffee experience on the go.


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