Dec 6, 2021

Staying fresh and youthful with SAFI Youth Gold series...

Now that I am in my 40s, I am evem more hard-pressed for time to take care of my skin (even if there are times I accidently overlook it when on vacation...) 

Actually, there is nothing you can do that can completely prevent, halt, or reverse the very normal and natural aging process that we all experience.... But well, the rate your skin shows age depends on many different factors, including your genetics and your environment as well as your skin-care habits.... 

Recently I was introduced to SAFI Youth Gold series... And given the SAFI Youth Gold Lifting 24K Serum Cleanser as well as SAFI Youth Gold Lifting Golden C Duo Serum... 

I am actually pretty sceptical with Malaysian skin products especially those that pop out from nowhere but, SAFI is a well known and leading Halal brand consisting of a pretty comprehensive range of skincare, personal care and toiletry products... Made with the finest natural ingredients that confirm to Syarak requirements and certified HALAL by a stringent independent body – JABATAN KEMAJUAN ISLAM MALAYSIA (JAKIM), SAFI is firmly steeped in Muslims traditions with products that are alcohol and gelatin-free. SAFI is manufactured in ISO and “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP) certified production facilities... 

With that in mind, I kept an open mind while trying these products and actually, I found it pretty great... 

The SAFI Youth Gold Lifting 24K Serum Cleanser is a gentle and firming 24K gold serum infused cleanser with Triple Gold youth restoring actives, Super Hyaluronic Acid and Anti PM2.5 formulation that gently cleanses while intensely hydrates and firms skin for smooth, hydrated and firmer complexion.

On the other hand, the SAFI Youth Gold Lifting Golden C Duo Serum is a potent and efficacious lightweight serum formula enriched with powerful Duo Age-Correcting Actives of Golden C and Ceramide 3 to provide º7D Skin Youth Renewal by lifting skin, boosting firmness and elasticity, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, enhancing skin moisture, protecting skin from oxidisation, improving skin smoothness and repairing damaged skin.

 *Visible lifting results as early as 15 minutes for youthful, firm and lifted skin.

Both products have been formulated with Golden C-Lift Technology, that combines the advanced and powerful age defying, lifting ingredients of Golden C and Nano Gold 24K that provide enhanced penetration deeper into skin layers to micro-repair, tone and lift aging skin, keeping it youthful, firm and lifted.... 

Just so you know.... 
Golden C – Super antioxidant that protects skin from harmful external aggressors and micro-repairs skin structure by promoting skin regeneration.

Nano Gold 24K – Effectively restores elasticity and refines skin texture for supple and lifted skin.

Triple Gold – Protects skin from free radical damage, promotes skin elasticity and provides skin with youthful radiance.

Super Hyaluronic Acid– Effectively locks in skin moisture, intensely hydrates from within and improves skin elasticity for hydrated, bouncy skin.

I loved how clean my skin felt and the serum was just light, quick to absorb and non sticky ln my face.  And yes, I also noted less eye bag, brighter skin and less fine lines with the use of these awesome products from SAFI, considering my  super weird sleeping hours that often leave me with unsightly eye bags and a tired and dull looking face.... 

As mentioned, SAFI Youth Gold products are formulated with:

I also liked that it was affordably priced and you can get it at your neareat Watsons, Guardian, Aeon Wellness, Caring as well as Wipro Unza official e-commerce shops oat Shopee and Lazada... 

Lifting Golden C Duo Serum

Lifting 24K Serum Cleanser 


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  4. SAFI Youth Gold series offers a rejuvenating skincare regimen, helping individuals maintain a fresh and youthful appearance. With its specialized formula, it provides nourishment and vitality to the skin, promoting a radiant glow.


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