Dec 17, 2021

Kitsui Korean White Skincare Halal untuk kulit yang lebih cerah , sihat , bersih dan licin – Sesuai untuk Kulit Kering & Sensitif

I was recently introduced to KITSUI Normal & Dry Skin Set as well as the KITSUI Korean White Essence  Serum... I was definitely curious, knowing how beneficial the supplement products I tried before were,  so I was definitely excited and decided to try the products... 


The products which has been formulated with essential oil as a natural fragrance is free from alcohol  and certified Halal and has been proven to help solve skin problems within 7 days... 

As I am in my 40s and am suffering from pigmentation, aging skin and skin dryness, I am using.... 
KITSUI NORMAL & DRY SKIN Full Set consist of: 
1 KITSUI Korean White Cleanser 
1 KITSUI Korean White Toner / Toning 
1 KITSUI Korean White Moisturizer 


KITSUI Korean White Essence Serum *Pore Refining, Cell Regenerating and Whitening*
Let's check out the benefits of the products individually....

First of would be the KITSUI Korean White Cleanser *Normal & Dry Skin* 
This product is great as it cleans our skin surface efficiently... It regenerates our skin so that it appears  younger, and prevents our skin from sagging and wrinkles... It contains antioxidants and moisturize our  skin while cleansing without leaving our skin too dry 

It has been formulated with 4 active ingredients which are COENZYME Q10 , NIACINAMIDE/VITAMIN B3  , VITAMIN E & ROSEMARY EXTRACT to maximize skin comfort as well as the effectiveness against dry  skin...

Next is the KITSUI Korean White Toner / Toning *Normal & Dry Skin* 
KITSUI Korean White Toner has been created especially for normal and dry skin... This TONER helps  cleans skin surface and moisturize our skin, lift dead skin cells from our skin surface that causes wrinkles  and dull skin..

Then before moisturizing, apply the KITSUI Korean White Essence Serum... 
The KITSUI Korean White Essence Serum will freshen the skin while making it feel lighter with smaller  pores.. 

It helps to treat scars and pigmentation on your skin... It is rich with Vitamin C from Rosemary Extract  which makes skin cleaner and free from pimples.... 

Niacinamide can help regenerate healthy skin cells and protect from ultraviolet ray damages... It help  treats hyperpigmentation and can lighten dark spots.. 

It also contains Coenzyme Q10 that helps build keratin, a type of protein that makes your skin firmer  and healthy, as well as Hyaluronic Acid that minimises the appearance of pores... 

The KITSUI Korean White Essence Serum has a light and fresh texture and contains very tiny molecules  for easy absorption 
You can apply the serum morning and night after your cleanser , toner and before your moisturiser...  Avoid the eye area...

Last but not least would be the KITSUI Korean White Moisturizer *Normal & Dry Skin* 
The moisturizer energise cells and prevent our skin from dying/drying out... 
Formulated with grape seed oil and lavender flower which help fight premature aging, it is able to  reverse signs of aging ,sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles... It also contains allantoin to promote cell  proliferation, thus the rate of your skin cell growth increases so we can have fresher and healthier skin. 

The active ingredients in the KITSUI Korean White Moisturizer *Normal & Dry Skin* are : -Niacinamide : to delay signs of aging, dark spots fine lines and wrinkles... 
-Coenzyme Q10 : skin becomes better moisturized resulting in less dehydrated or peeling skin... -Galactomyces Rice Water : helps lessen pore size, wrinkles and visible fine lines... -Rosemary Extract : helps skin diminish pigmentation, resulting in better skin tone... -Hyaluronic Acid : able to combat dull skin and uneven skin tone...

Recommended Usage:- 
1st Step :- KITSUI Korean White Cleanser *Normal & Dry Skin* 
2nd Step :- KITSUI Korean White Toner / Toning *Normal & Dry Skin* 
2.5 Step : KITSUI Korean White Essence Serum 
3rd Step :- KITSUI Korean White Moisturizer *Normal & Dry Skin* 

All KITSUI Skincare products are uniquely formulated and certified HALAL , free from Alcohol and only  uses ESSENTIAL OILs as a natural fragrance... 
KITSUI Skincare products are free from 
- Animal sources 
- Artificial colours 
- Parabens 
- Toxic
- Sulfates 
- Perfume 
- Paraffin 
- Silicones 


Kitsui, Cantik Semulajadi !

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