Feb 20, 2023

Beautiful and affordable real Gold jewelry from Chiang Heng Jewellery

Most of us are fascinated with gold jewelry…Gold jewelry is after all lovely to wear as a symbol of status… But did you know that are actually many benefits of wearing gold jewelry including spiritual and health benefits.  


Well-being and reduced stress and anxiety are a couple of health benefits. Gold is said to work wonders on the solar plexus and heart chakras. It is believed to bring luck, fertility, and wealth. 

Gold can absorb heat from the body and returns it as a warm feeling. Gold jewelry chosen with care will remain fashionable and provide healing effects for a lifetime. Gold jewelry will also have future financial significance as an investment. A person can sell old gold jewelry to get new items that better reflect their taste and current style. Gold is a fantastic investment because of its beauty, and health advantages.


And we all know anyone can rock a lovely pair of gold earrings. Gold jewelry makes you feel better about yourself and good self-esteem automatically improves mood. This helps alleviate worry and stress.


Scientific study has shown that wearing gold earrings can reduce the friction in your eyes and improve your vision. The nerves in the ear are connected to the eye, therefore wearing a gold earring sharpens your eyesight.

Chiang Heng Jewellery offers a wide variety of yellow, white and rose gold diamonds and gem jewellery at the most affordable proce as well as the CHEAPEST gold prices in town!!!


I personally like Chiang Heng Jewellery’s wide variety of jewellery collections range from exquisite pieces to simple designs and are all crafted to meet the every important moment of one’s life. 


This would be one of my favories… you can actually invite love and good luck linto your life with these pair of heart-shaped abacus earrings, which are symbols of prosperity and quick-thinking money-making strategies… The heart - shaped abacus is a symbol of love, prosperity and quick-thinking money-making strategies. It is feminine and great for use by lady entrepreneurs and female corporate leaders as well as a great benefit to the careers of those involved with the stock market, banks, investments and trading industries.


I was also looking for something for my daughter and I found this cute charm that even came on a rope bracelet…. I thought it was cute and suited her as she liked simple jewellery and yeah I wasn’t disappointed…



The delivery of the product is fast and it comes well packed and with a nice velvet jewellery box as well as a nice paperbag so that it feels like you have shopped in a physical store too!!! Chiang Heng Jewellery is noted in The Malaysia Book of Records as Malaysia Lowest Price Gold Store and offers 7 Days Return And Exchange…


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  2. Chiang Heng Jewellery offers a stunning collection of real gold jewelry that is not only beautiful but also affordable. With their exquisite designs and high-quality craftsmanship, customers can enjoy the elegance and luxury of gold jewelry without breaking the bank. It's a perfect choice for those seeking both style and affordability.

  3. Chiang Heng Jewellery offers a stunning collection of real gold jewelry that combines beauty with affordability. Their exquisite designs and competitive prices make it possible for individuals to indulge in the luxury of gold jewelry without breaking the bank. A perfect choice for those seeking elegance and value.

  4. "Beautiful and affordable real Gold jewelry from Chiang Heng Jewellery": Chiang Heng Jewellery's collection of beautiful and affordable real gold jewelry is a true gem for jewelry enthusiasts. With their attention to craftsmanship and commitment to offering quality pieces at affordable prices, they provide customers with an opportunity to adorn themselves with stunning gold jewelry without breaking the bank.


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