Feb 2, 2023

Chef Faez is looking to join the Malaysian entertainment industry

34 year old, Syrian born Chef Mohammad Faez, or Chef Faez as he is better known is passionate about life, expanding his business as well as hyping his own personality to the Malaysian public….


The dashing, easy going Chef Faez, when met at his restaurant Chef Faez at Menara Technip Energies  was certainly friendly and we could see how passionate he was about life and his ambitions….

Chef Faez has already made a name for himself with his Kunafa (an arabic sweet pastry) which went viral on social media, appropriately adjusted to suit Malaysian palates, so it is not too heavy or cloying or sweet… and personally, I am so loving the taste as I really do not like overly sweet desserts!!!

When asked how he maintains his image, it is all about passion, discipline, followed by grooming and personality, Chef Faez says… 


And when ask about his future plans, the soft spoken Chef Faez mentions that he has started his own perfume line with “Habibi” which will be officially launched soon and he is also looking to start his own skincare line with maybe facial serums ….

The ambitious young chef who has made his home in Malaysia for the past 10 years has no plans to leave Malaysia but maybe would look to expand his food business to other parts of South East Asia ….

Chef Faez is keen on getting himself involved in the music industry here in Malaysia. He is looking forward into adding entertainment in his repertoire and wants to entertain Malaysians with his songs and acting, citing Dato Aliff Syukri as a possible potential collaborator… so let’s all keep an eye out and see what Chef Faez has up his sleeves and has in store for all of us

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Origin : Syria 

Years in Malaysia : 10 years 

Birthdate:  27/10/1988

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