Feb 10, 2023

Join the ranks of The First 100 Club with Kayangan Car Fragrance

Treasure Tree will be organizing their Product Launch Ceremony- KAYANGAN CAR FRAGRANCE exclusively for their members in  THE FIRST 100 CLUB..

The ceremony will be held on a later date at the Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur. This ceremony will officially introduce Treasure Tree products as well as celebrate the members of THE FIRST 100 CLUB. 

The management of Treasure Tree is confident that the product will revolutionise the industry and prepare the members with innovative methods which is what that is needed to succeed in the business

The management of Treasure Tree is looking forward to meet their members there and celebrate this exciting moment together with their beloved team - you!!!

So join Treasure Tree and become a member of THE FIRST 100 CLUB where you will be entitled to earn income, commisions plus generous bonuses now….

Treasure Tree is one of the latest brainchild from Fathiri Fadzlah Holdings Sdn Bhd which focuses on affiliate marketing…  Affiliate Marketing is a new marketing strategy based on performance where rewards are given to members to promote  a product or service… and as a member, you are entitled to earn a unilevel commision for every sales generated with your reference…

Besides that, Treasure Tree is also offering Car Bonus as well as luxury Condominium as motivation for its members to achieve financial freedom 

KAYANGAN has been developed specifically for the induvidual who wishes to add a touch of sophistication to their driving driving experience…. 

This unique fragrance has been formulated using high quality ingredients, including the rare oil derived from “Gaharu” tree/ agarwood, to create the rich and luxurious aroma that will fill the interior of your car with a sense of luxury or style

The “gaharu” oil also known as Oud is well known for its strong fragrance, heady and woody, which is in demand in the world of fragrance which is linked with prestige and exclusivity. KAYANGAN scent which is luxurious does not only heighten the atmosphere in your car but releases a long lasting aroma that ensures your car interior smells fresh and inviting….

So if you are looking for a business opportunity, you might like to give this business a shot and join the Treasure Tree team as soon as possible… and who knows you could be on your way to great success

For more info and on how you could join the ranks of THE FIRST 100 CLUB, do contact:-

FB: https://www.facebook.com/datofathirifadzlah

IG: https://instagram.com/fathiri.fadzlah


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