Nov 7, 2023

Movie Review 2023 - Cobweb - Korean Movie

In 1970s Korea, when both art and dreams are censored, a film director dreams up a masterpiece.

After his successful debut, Director KIM endures scathing attacks from critics who says he is only good at making trashy dramas.

He has just finished his latest movie 'Cobweb', but he has been having pretty vivid dreams for several days of an alternative ending to the film. 

He then feels that if he can just shoot those scenes as what he envisioned it to be, he would have a masterpiece, and so he tries hard to arrange two days of additional shooting. 

However, his rewritten script does not pass the censorship board and his actors can't make sense of the new ending. 

Between the rush schedule, the opposition of the producer and censorship board and his actors acting up Director KIM feels he is about to go crazy or even have a break down, but he continues to push on and force his actors and crew to strap into the emotional rollercoaster... 

Eventually, they give the project their all. Is Director KIM the visionary he thinks he is or an egomaniac seeking one last shot at glory? Is his new ending any good or is it more of the same trashy melodrama the former wunderkind has been reduced to serving since his fall from grace?

It is a film that depicts the sad and funny things that happen while filming under conditions. LThrough the set of the film-within a-film Cobweb, which is only completed through a great number of struggles, sending viewers a hopeful and tentatively optimistic message that cinema will go on, just as life goes on despite all of its ironies and hardships.


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