Nov 10, 2023

Discover the Heart of Deepavali at the Curve

As the festival of lights approaches, the Curve, the iconic pedestrianised shopping mall nestled in the heart of Mutiara Damansara, is all set for a dazzling celebration that promises to captivate hearts and engage shoppers in Deepavali traditions. This spectacular event promises a journey through the vibrant tapestry of Indian culture, adorned with the grace of Kolam art, the allure of peacocks, and the immersive charm of “Little India".

From now to 13th November 2023, the Curve’s Centre Court will bloom into a spectacular display of lights, colours, and time-honoured traditions.The Colours of Little India’ is a festive celebration that harmoniously brings together tradition and modernity. Adorning the floor are intricate Kolam patterns, celebrating the age-old Indian art of creating mesmerising designs, while magnificent peacock decorations symbolise beauty, prosperity, and the sacredness deeply rooted in Indian culture.

Shoppers can also look forward to a range of cultural activities, including traditional Peacock and Bhangra dance performances, melodious harmonium tabla, violin & miruthangam performances, and a captivating flashmob. Shoppers will be swept away by the rhythms and melodies of Deepavali.

“The Festival of Lights, Deepavali, is a global celebration symbolising the victory of light over darkness, a time for renewal, reflection, and the strengthening of bonds,” says Mr Jazmi Kamarudin, Chief Operations Officer of Boustead Properties Berhad. “Here at the Curve, we believe in the power of celebrations to bring communities together and create lasting memories. We are dedicated to offering our shoppers a remarkable festive experience, and this year, we are delighted to present 'The Colours of Little India’, a joyous celebration that pays tribute to the festive spirit of Little India during the Deepavali season.”

No celebration is complete without the joy of indulging in exquisite cuisine, and the Curve promises a mouthwatering experience. As you step into this cultural extravaganza, be prepared to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates Deepavali in the most delectable way. Savour the richness of Pani Puri and Punjabi Tea at Tasty Chapati, embracing the vibrant flavours of India.

At Flint, quench your thirst with a delightful Lychee Lassi and savour India’s favourite savoury snack - Vadai, both playfully named Lychee Langsi and Masala Vadai.

The Chicken Rice Shop has something special in store - the ‘DeLIGHTful Koli’ set meal paired perfectly  with a refreshing Pandan Swirl drink, a mouthwatering creation to tantalise your taste buds. For tea aficionados,

Teh Tarik Place offers an extraordinary pairing - the mouthwatering Roti Sarang Burung together with an aromatic Masala Tea. This is all part of the Deepavali celebration, and can be enjoyed at a special Diwali offer price of only RM11.11.

To round off the culinary adventure, Cold Stone Creamery presents an innovative twist with a single scoop of Spicy Dark Chocolate flavoured ice-cream, adding a delightful spark to this year’s festivities. This special menu will be sure to delight senses and elevate all Deepavali experiences at the Curve.

Deepavali is also a time for artistic expression, and the celebration provides an opportunity for creativity to flourish. Shoppers can engage their artistic side with arts and crafts workshops available throughout the event period! Henna Art, Rangoli Art, and Clay Diya making workshops will inspire creativity and provide shoppers with a hands-on experience, letting them take a piece of Deepavali home with them.

the Curve believes in making every celebration special and will be hosting a GWP initiative throughout ‘The Colours of Little India’ event! Simply indulge in a shopping spree and spend a minimum of RM200 at the Curve mall from now until 13th November 2023 and receive a set of colorful ceramic bowls for your home, adding a touch of Deepavali warmth to your abode.

the Curve, renowned as more than just a shopping destination, proudly stands as a beacon of unity, bringing together families and friends in the spirit of joy and togetherness. Experience Deepavali like never before, where the spirit of Little India comes alive!

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