Nov 11, 2018

Dettol Profresh, protect Malaysians from 100 harmful germs

One of my favorite brand of personal wash has to be Dettol, well known as the world’s No. 1 germ protection brand... and I am glad to see that it has relaunched their whole personal wash range of products recently to protect all Malaysians from 100 types of harmful germs..  

Yeah... for your info, the Dettol ‘ProFresh’ is formulated to provide ‘12 hours odour protection’ and to ensure all day freshness, even in Malaysia’s hot and humid weather... The Dettol ‘ProSkin’ on the other hand, provides ‘8 hours moisturising’ to keep everyone’s skin protected, something which is often compromised when exposed to harmful environment, such as strong sun rays or continuous air conditioning....

Dettol has always been the leader in germ protection and is committed to improve the health of families and everyone around via better hygiene, consistently innovating solutions to fight evolving germs in our environment, thus enhancing the quality and efficacy of its products to safeguard consumers’ wellbeing.... 

Dettol has identified different needs in personal wash, which largely narrows down to ‘odour protection’ and ‘skin protection’ since most Malaysian families, needs largely come down to 2 requirements: ‘odour protection’ that is mainly associated with odour causing germs in sweat, which prevails in hot tropical weather; and ‘skin protection’ that keeps skin healthy and well moisturised -- a constant challenge here due to higher exposure to sunlight and humidity, causing dust and germs to stick to the skin...

The new Dettol personal wash is designed to provide ‘protection from 100 harmful germs’ to address to both needs. ‘ProFresh’ is developed to control odour causing germs and provide 12 hours of odour protection, and ‘ProSkin’ focuses on healthy skin, giving 8 hours moisturisation. Both platforms are dermatologically tested and proven to be suitable for everyday use...

The Dettol personal wash range comes in five uplifting variants, namely Cool, Lasting Fresh, Re-energize, Fresh, and Skincare. Retailing at major supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide, each variant is available in 250ml bottle at the price of RM6.90, 500ml bottles at RM12.46, 950ml bottles at RM20.25, and the 900ml refill pack at RM15.67.


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