Nov 21, 2018

Hygiene habits you need for quality sleep.

Sleep hygiene counts in ensuring that you get the optimum desired sleep for your body. Your routine activities around sleep and nighttime habits are what make up good sleep hygiene. Don’t wait for the doctor’s recommendations about good sleep patterns when suffering from Insomnia. Take the initiative of getting good sleep when still in good health.

Patterns of poor sleep are easily noticeable in people not practicing good sleep habits. Frequent wakes at night, daytime fatigue, restless at night are some symptoms of poor sleep patterns. You want to make sure that you are paying attention to what really matters in your bedroom. A conducive environment is what counts in providing you with the sleep you need.

Your sleep environment has to do with room temperature, lighting, level of sound around your bedroom and the place you choose to lie during sleep time. When it comes to practicing good sleep patterns, the first step begins with watching our sleep habits.  Knowing the activities that contribute to your bedtime well-being is important to help you correct on an unhealthy sleep routine. Here is a list of factors that you need to watch closely when looking for quality sleep.

Reserving your bed for rest/sleep

Your bed has the sole purpose of giving your body the support and comfort to rest from the continuous activities it engages in. Choosing to make your bed a place to study or play video games makes it more of something else. Prepare for sleep psychologically by conditioning your brain to see your sleep area as a place reserved for sleep only.  You could do this by not reading or making phone calls while on your bed. Also, avoid the temptation to watch movies and TV programmes from your bed or bedroom.

How comfortable you make your bed environment gives you the want to be at your rest area. Buy a good mattress and pillow that can comfortably support your weight so that you won’t have to wake up in the morning feeling tired or fatigued. Check Casper mattress reviews to get a picture of what a Casper mattress can do in transforming your sleep life.

Nap for less time during the day

Napping is good if looking for a brief rest period that lasts 20-30 minutes. Extend it beyond half an hour and you could be headed for the worst night experience. Napping is also ideal for covering up on lost hours of sleep, however, you just don’t want it spilling over to your night-time sleep. Turning and tossing in bed is not almost the entire night is not a thing you want to experience.

Get a dose of morning sunshine

Sunshine is not only good for the overall health of your body but your sleep as well. Known to come packed with natural Vitamin D, it helps to adjust your body with the circadian rhythm. This means your body will remain alert during its wake cycle but adjust at night for sleep in the sunlight’s absence. Sunshine is important for high energy levels. Once your brain adjusts to the circadian rhythm, maintaining good sleep hygiene is the next easiest thing.

Have a bedtime routine

Bedtime routine works fine if you are serious about getting quality sleep. The activity you engage in the last hour before bedtime is important as it will determine how you spend the next hours in bed. Your bedtime routine could be as simple as listening to your favorite music before sleeping. You want to take part in those activities that don’t put a strain on you but help your body unwind as you prepare to get onto your bed. Some routine activities that have proved useful include having a hot bath and practicing meditation. Once your body picks your routine activities before bedtime, you sleep wait-time will be something of the past.

Sleep the same time everyday

Part of practising good sleep habits knows what time to sleep and when to wake up. If starting out with this, consider setting an alarm clock to help you wake up at the same hours in the morning. Eventually, your brain will adjust to your morning wake time and you won’t be in need of an alarm clock. During sleep time, avoid the desire to postpone sleep with an unnecessary workload. This disrupts your sleep routine denying your body the comfort of sleeping soundly.

Be watchful of what you consume before bedtime

Consuming heavy foods that are rich in sugars or fats doesn’t work well for your sleep. Having heavy meals before bedtime is a big no. A heavy meal inside your digestive system during sleep means that your body has to work had to digest it. Also, people who suffer from acid reflux could experience it more with heavy meals than those who choose not to. Snacking into bedtime is way better than eating heavy. A few of the foods you could consider eating before bedtime are cherries, bananas, milk and rice.

Keep calm when you have no sleep at night

Even with good sleep hygiene, you may still find yourself struggling to get sleep in some nights. This shouldn’t make you worry and start keeping track of time. If 30 minutes into bed and still find no sleep, you could consider doing some other activity away from the bed. This helps your brain not to associate your bed with frustration. Avoid turning on electronics at this time as the blue light they produce only makes your situation worse.

Getting quality sleep and maintaining it also requires a little bit of effort on your part. Your daily sleep norms, behaviors and routine are what make up your sleep hygiene. You have to make sure you create a conducive environment that can sustain your sleep. Your bedroom’s lighting and temperature, the comfort of your resting area and the sound around count in determining the quality of your sleep environment. You want to capitalize on these tips the next time you are looking for quality sleep.


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