Apr 24, 2019

Dapur Sutramas' jelly cakes are healthy, delicious and so beautiful..

So it that time of the year when my close friends just had to have their birthday all next to each other... and so having to scrimp a bit because of my own bad financial economy.. I decided to have a cake made for them...

I always did enjoy a good jelly cake since they are lighter and easier on the palate rather then some fattening or rich butter cake... so I decided to get a jelly cake for them...

I found some online and came across www.instagram.com/dapursutramas and decided to order one... because of 3 reasons...

It was in KL, the designs and colours were breathtaking and it was halal - made by a Malay lady, Kak Suraya...

Kak Suraya is not an ordinary housewife..

She was a banker for more than 20 years before she joined one of the top telcos in Malaysia... 

She started selling these jelly cakes towards the end of 2016... 

Starting a jelly cake business was not quite in her plan... but since Kak Suraya made it a point to learn something new or do something new (just to make her life more interesting..) she decided to learn how to make the 3D jelly cake after someone asked her to take the jelly home.... 

In the beginning Kak Suraya said it was all just for the fun of it and to give to her friends... then her "sifu" (trainer) suggested to her that it would be a great idea catering for the Muslim market.... 

Even though she was not quite confident, she decided to give it a go, and to her surprise, orders slowly began coming in....

The drive behind the jelly making, is the charity part where she donates part of the proceeds to the less fortunate having gotten the inspiration from one of her son’s friends... The school he was at had an entrepreneurship program and one of the students donated all her profits from the program to charity and so at the same time this also motivates her further....

You can choose your jelly size... 

Jelly Size:

1. 6" Round (2 jellies) fr RM140

2. 8" Floral mould fr RM130

3. 9" Round / Heart mould fr RM145

4. 10” Doughnut mould fr RM160

5. Square 10x10” fr RM215
6. Square 11x11” fr RM235

Every jelly cake is painstakingly made from seaweed jelly powder... As for the flowers, kak Suraya uses UHT milk. For those with lactose intolerance, she may substitute the said milk with almond milk or soy milk accordingly...

Extra charges may apply to exclusive designs (with carving technique) or flavors marked ‘*’ as below. If you wish to substitute normal milk with almond milk or add fish / letterings, there’ll be extra charges too.

There is a huge list of flavors.for Kak Suraya's jelly cake : -
1. Lychee*
2. Longan*
3. Creamy Lychee*
4. Melon Milk with Nata De Coco or Rambutan*
5. Mango Peach or Mango + Fruit Cocktails or MangoLychee*
6. Soya + Sea Coconut or Soya Longan or Soya Cincau * 
7. Gula Melaka or Cendol Gula Melaka* (requires 3 days notice) or Cincau Gula Melaka* - simmer with pandan leaves
8. Coconut Pandan * - simmer with pandan leaves(comes with coconut flesh)
9. Creamy Lychee * 
10. Cincau / Grassjelly
11. Soya
12. Sarsi
13. Sirap Rose
14. Sirap Rose with Cincau or Lychee or Longan or Rambutan with Stuffed Pineapples

Isn't that such an interesting list.. I almost had a hard time deciding which flavour I wanted...

In the end I decided to go with the basic Coconut Pandan with some Sakura flowers and their names...

I love that Kak Suraya uses all natural colorings.. cake base from magenta flowers, stem from chocolate, leaves from green tea...for the cake base kak Suraya said she also added some butterflypea flowers for the blue effect since the cake was meant for guys... to give it a slightly masculine feel... yeah.. all of the colorings are derived from flowers, fruits, vegetables, seeds, beans, green tea and charcoal powder... 

She uses pure fresh coconut water simmered with pandan leaves for the flavor.. and you can actually request on your sweetness level of the cake.... 

And yes, kak Suraya will advice you that the best way to enjoy the jellycake is to eat both layers together....

So we had a great evening catching up with each other before I surprised them with this beautiful cake and the guys were delighted...

We enjoyed the cake after admiring kak Suraya's artistic creation... and it is really so good!!! Will definitely order again in near future....

Feel free to contact Kak Suraya at 019-2267604 to order or further enquiry. Be sure to check out her instagram account www.instagram.com/dapursutramas for more jelly designs too.... 


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