Apr 9, 2019

Girl gets half a million ringgit worth of wedding sponsorship

When we get married, we definitely dream of a beautiful grand wedding.. cause.. after all.. we wish and hope our marriage is our "Happily Ever After".. but most of us either have to make it sweet and simple as due to our budget or take out a loan from the parents or the bank to splurge on a grand one...

We are all envious of the cute Siti Suriani also fondly known as Siti Jamumall who got a whooping grand wedding, all sponsored... half a million ringgit worth!!!

Siti who was getting hitched to her fiance was planning a simple and small wedding, but who could have known when she uploaded a status on Facebook, she was bombarded with calls and WhatsApp from product owners, shop owners and so on offering to sponsor her wedding...

A whooping 100 companies from various products were all interested to be a part of Siti's big day...even the start up companies...

Siti who is truly touched by all the gestures did not expect the simple and small wedding she thought of to turn into a wedding extravaganza, grand enough to rival any celebrity or even VIP...

All this was because for 3 years, Siti was the host and promoter for jamumall.com and has sold an assortment of products from cosmetics, health, fashion and even food....

She helped promote these products with an open heart and with sincerity, helping many new products become well known as well as "viral"... and because of her efforts, the product owners, shop owbers and business people truly appreciate her and decided to chip in and sponsor her wedding...

Siti is overwhelmed and truly thankful to all her sponsors from nikah, pre wedding, henna night, wedding luncheon and even her honeymoon package...

Siti's gorgeous wedding dress is from Dlia Jean Bridal, her "pelamin" and wedding decorations are all from WeddingbyEmma....

Other sponsors include: 

Pelamin and wedding deco by Wedding by emma

Wedding dress from Dlia Jane Bridal Collection

Grand Wedding Cake from Mad About Cake
VIP Menu from Rumpun Selera

Coffe Es-Cream from Ana Zahra Beauty https://www.facebook.com/anazahrabeautyhq/
Jamu from Seri Lady Empire Resources www.instagram.com/seriladyofficialhq

Tudung Bawal Bridesmaids from Gallery Bawal

Kain Pasang Diamond from Irahsukri

Telekung from Pretty Aini
Make Up Set from Zacthira Navillionniza
Scarft from Scarft By Mehrun
Printed Box from Art Creation Printing

Perfume from Luxe Essencia Resources

Honeymoon Pakej from Arwana Resort www.instagram.com/arwanaperhentianresort

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