Apr 20, 2019

“The Silent Hero in You” Campaign by Essentiale

Our liver is the second largest organ in our body, but its importance is often overlooked... Take good care of it before it’s too late. Essentiale, the world’s leading No.1* liver care brand is launching an awareness campaign themed “The Silent Hero in You”  in conjunction with World Liver Day 2019...

The campaign aims to highlight the importance of liver health while urging consumers to take care of their silent superhero, the liver, which silently performs over 500 functions every day, so they can lead a life full of vigor and vitality...
There is a common misconception that only those who consume alcohol, frequently have heavy meals or eat out often are more susceptible towards a declining liver health. Truth is, individuals who do not take proper care of their liver may also very well be open to the risk of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). NALFD is caused by the accumulation of fat in liver cells due to poor lifestyle who consume little or no alcohol. Research indicated 22.7% of Malaysian suburban population suffers from NAFLD. In other words, there is a high incidence of fatty liver in the country where 1 out of 5 Malaysians suffer from fatty liver. Oh gosh isn't that scary?!!!

“This World Liver Day, a day observed and celebrated globally on 19 April every year, Essentiale is taking active measures to enlighten Malaysians on the daily lifestyle changes that can benefit their liver health,” said Helen Lee, Brand Lead, Sanofi Consumer Healthcare.

“The campaign will see Essentiale rolling out various social content such as YouTube videos and Facebook animations on simple exercise routines and lifestyle tips that people can follow and adapt to ensure optimum liver health can be achieved. Essentiale will also be collaborating with Celebrity Fitness to host activities and promotions in the month of April to encourage healthy living” she added.

Essentiale is made up of 76% essential phospholipids that highly purified from soybean to strengthen the hepatocyte membrane for improved metabolic processes  which helps to repair cells and restores the liver’s vital function with just 2 capsules orally 3 times a day..  In addition, it is proven that symptoms relating to NAFLD is reduced with Essential Phospolipid...

To date, Essentiale is present in over 20 countries worldwide. Essentiale is available at pharmacies and personal care stores in Malaysia with a recommended retail price of RM76.13 (50 Capsules, including SST). Do consult your local health care professional before consuming Essentiale. To learn more about Essentiale and to keep up to date on latest happenings, kindly follow Essentiale Malaysia closely on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/EssentialeMY/

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