Nov 16, 2019

The Search for 'Malaysia's Top Makeup Artist' is now on by Alha Alfa!!

If you are a Malaysian and passionate in makeup industry?
If you think you possess fantastic makeup skills and are talented in making people look amazing with your make up?
And if you are ready to do battle and fight to be the BEST of the best Make Up Artists here in Malaysia?

MTM is the next reality competition / elimination programme series that explores the potential  skills and talent of our Malaysian makeup artists... 

If you think you have what it takes, and if you can bring onto the stage for the weekly challenge  need to compete, give your very best attempt at whatever makeup look is demanded on a weekly basis and be judge by the professional jury during the program... This is for you.... 

If you think you are it and you dare to take the challenge, give yourself the chance to 
compete and become a sought after and well known professional MUA, recognized by all, just by joining the Malaysia Top MUA (Make Up Artist)... 

Malaysia Top MUA is a No. 1 reality Tv show in Malaysia.. 

 Inspired by local No. 1 leading cosmetics brand “ALHA ALFA COSMETICS”, it is meant to give opportunity to makeup artists all over Malaysia a fantastic platform to demonstrate their skills and talent in the reality show brought to you by Astro Ria in February 2020.

Alha Alfa Cosmetics has been in the market for 4 years now with its range of high quality and affordable make up products. Helmed by the dynamic young founder and professional Make Up Artist, Dato' Alha Alfa (Dato' Abdul Al Halim Mohd Al Fadzil) who created and researched all the ingredients and essence in all his products, the brand has quickly gained popularity and is sought after by many... Especially with its tagine "The Difference makes Us Unique" ('Perbezaan itu Keunikan Kita') 

Anyway this reality programme will choose 8 contestants from all the applications submitted, and these lucky 8 will be battling all out in 8 episodes on Astro Ria... 

The task will be to follow the task or theme given for the week to the contestants where there will be one elimination for every episode... Episode 6 and 7 will see the contestants in the beautiful cities of Bali and Yogyakarta, Indonesia and the finale, back in Malaysia... 

Terms & Condition

  • So what are you waiting for?Just click on the button ''Register Here!''  (before 4th December 2019) and follow the steps

  •  Upload your personal best makeup tutorial video with your own model using Alha Alfa's latest make up set, which is the Borderless Set, max length of 60 seconds
  •  And just “Submit”


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