Apr 5, 2021

Movie Review 2021 - Dreamy Eyes

So yours truly was at the first ever movie preview after all this pandemic and guess what... It was a Vietnamese movie.. I was however pleasantly surprised by the movie and it was really touching enough to make me shed tears...

Before you start, it is perfectly safe to visit cinemas... Just follow all SOPs, sit at your assigned seats and wear your face masks unless munching on popcorn or snacks.. If you are worried about people, the cinema has set social distancing within the seats.. And you can also opt to watch your favorite movies during working hours or early in the mornings on weekends... 11am movies... You know...

Normally, I won't even cry at normal movies, even when Jack died in Titanic... But this movie made me cry...

Hmmm where can I find me a guy like Ngan... Unfortunately it's easier to find a Dung (aptly named) then a Ngan... Sighhhh

Ok... So to those wanting to watch a love story or a tear jerker, try watching Dreamy Eyes at GSCinemas...

Executive producer: Lương Công Hiếu

Producer: Nguyễn Quốc Công

Producer: Kay Nguyễn

Cast 1: Trần Nghĩa - Ngạn

Cast 2: Trúc Anh - Hà Lan

Cast 3: Trần Phong - Dũng

Cast 4: Đỗ Khánh Vân - Trà Long


Begins in 1961 and ends in 1990, Dreamy Eyes’ epic love story touches upon themes of time, unrequited love and devotion.

Ngan has an instant crush on Ha Lan, his classmate, when they are only 6 years old. Their childhood years are spent together and shape Ngan’s views on love and his hometown. As they come of age, Ha Lan and Ngan grow apart. Ha Lan yearns for the modernity of city life while Ngan still clings on to the Ha Lan of old and the hometown he grew up in.

Nevertheless, he moves to the city for Ha Lan, only to suffer the pain of rejection as she chooses his richer, better-looking cousin Dung over him. However, Dung soon leaves Hà Lan, now impregnated, to marry someone else.

As the relationship falls apart, Ngan takes care of Ha Lan and raises her child, Tra Long, as his own. When Tra Long comes of age, she becomes an echo of her mother and develops feelings for Ngan, who now realizes the ramifications of his devotion to Ha Lan.

Will Ngan stay in the past and accept Tra Long’s feelings as a late consolation for his devotion, or will he move on and begin anew?

website: https://www.facebook.com/PhimMatBiec/

Official Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mezq9k4uEzk 


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