May 6, 2021


Did you know that Malaysia is a home to some of the tallest tropical trees? The Borneo rainforest is filled with trees taller than skyscrapers.

For your info, a giant tree more than 330 feet tall in the Borneo rainforest was identified in 2019. That tree is actually taller than a 30-storey building!! Oh my goodness.... 

Biologist turned photographer Chien C. Lee is currently sharing his incurable fascination of the Borneo's rainforest through his Borneo's Tree of Life photography exhibition.... Come view Chien's stunning images have been widely used by international publishers, including National Geographic, Smithsonian, and the BBC.... 

You can view it like never before at GMBB Kuala Lumpur - with the sounds of the rainforests also recorded by Chien C. Lee and a beautiful subtle but lovely scent provided by GMBB's official scent partner, OLFAC3.... 

This exhibition spans fifteen years of Chien’s work in Borneo, with images selected to convey not only the extreme diversity of the island’s rainforests but also their interconnectedness and fragility; a window onto the Tree of Life.

 These photo pieces are intended to inspire an appreciation of nature and to encourage the viewer to venture into the forest themselves; thereby seeking their own deeper understanding of the wonder of life.... 

Come and enjoy this exhibition which is accessible to the anyone and everyone, ENTRY IS FREE !!! 

You can also book for a tour beforehand here

There will be interesting events to look out for throughout the months to come involving arts and conservation. Follow GMBB official Facebook Page or GMBB’s official IG @gmbb.kl - for more updates on these events.

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