May 11, 2021


I am excited to be sharing that high-tech wellness brand, OURA, has officially hit the shores of Southeast Asia, introducing their notable range of reusable, self-sanitizing face masks in Malaysia and Singapore for the first time ever!

OURA’s Active Mask is the ultimate companion for daily workouts whilst the Air Mask 2.0 provides ultra-breathability for day-to-day use while offering unparalleled safety and protection to users... 

Perfect for anyone living an active lifestyle, OURA’s Active Mask is built to deliver comfort, maximum protection and extreme breathability during high-intensity activities. Combining advanced technology and detailed craftsmanship, the self-sterilizing and deodorizing mask is made from ultra-lightweight fabric that is designed to pull sweat and moisture away from the face. Consumers can enjoy hassle-free workouts with the Active Mask’s air diffuser that prevents air from blowing into the eyes when exhaling... 

Similar to the Active Mask, OURA’s Air Mask 2.0 is also built for a higher level of protection compared to regular masks. Made from featherweight fabrics which filter particles, kill germs and are 30 percent lighter than other standard textiles, the Air Mask 2.0 ensures all-day comfort and ultra-breathability.   

OURA’s masks are constructed from three layers of tightly woven, medical-grade fabric permanently embedded with antimicrobial silver oxide and titanium dioxide. Most masks use antimicrobial coatings which wash off after just a few uses. Instead of these coatings, OURA infuses the compounds directly into every fiber so they kill pathogens, inactivate viral particles, break down odors, and, most importantly, sterilize the mask even after being washed over and over again. 

Both the Active Mask and Air Mask 2.0 come with a replaceable, NIOSH-approved N95 filter for an even more powerful safeguard against pathogens. These masks have been independently tested by third-party laboratories and verified to filter ≥ 99.9 percent of bacteria, viruses, and 0.1 µm particles. They're also made with skin-friendly hypoallergenic fabrics to eliminate any potential “maskne” issues.

Whilst ensuring proper safety to consumers, every purchase helps change a young child’s life. After experiencing the power of a wish, OURA Co-founder, CEO and cancer-survivor, Keane Veran, has made it his mission to give back and support children fighting cancer by granting their wishes through Make-A-Wish. 

“In 2011, in the middle of my cancer treatment, my wish to meet President Obama was granted. That experience completely changed my life and I want other kids to discover the power of a wish as I did. We are so excited to work with Make-a-Wish to create more of these life-changing experiences for children in this region,” he said. 

Available in different sizes suitable for all face shapes, the Active and Air Masks come with an adjustable nose clip for a personalized seal as well as a travel pouch, making it convenient for travel use and easy storage. The Active Mask also comes bundled with OURA’s Active Tape, a pack of 30 double-sided medical-grade strips, to secure the mask for increased filtration.  

Product Price 
OURA Active Mask *RM230 with N95 Filter 
OURA Air Mask *RM195 with N95 filter 
*Please note that the masks will have an introductory discount of 15%.

OURA Asia was recently launched virtually via Zoom, hosted by OURA's founders, Shaun and Keane Veran, with individual breakout sessions from OURA's official launch ambassadors. 

During the session, Keane spoke about his battle with cancer and how that led to the creation of OURA and the brand's self-sanitizing and antimicrobial products. 

Official launch ambassadors: Anabelle Co-Martinent, Founder & Managing Director of La Juiceria, led a session titled ‘Discover how a healthy diet can keep you protected from infections’; Wellness Instructor, Sandra Woo led the participants in a calming meditation session; Psoriasis Advocate, Rocyie Wong shared from her experience about "maskne" and the importance of a good skincare routine; lastly, Dr. Justin Chan gave his medical perspective on how to choose the best mask for the whole family.

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