May 10, 2021


It is that time of the year where Malaysians celebrate the beauty of diversity and amazing food again even if we are under MCO, we still. Wanna look our best right for zoom /google meetings or video calls to our loved ones??? We still need to put together cute outfits.... 

Recently I was introduced to Minimalist Lab's Minimalist Raya 2021 Collection featuring classy and versatile minimal jewelleries that is timeless and can be worn for all occasions and no occasions at all.... Anytime and anywhere jewelleries and I love it!!! 

Leave behind the “wear once and done” festive shopping behaviour this year with  these MNML products which are made for the everyday women.. Wear them on their own for your day to day outfit but dress them up to complete your Raya look by stacking and layering them!

These jewelleries are simple enough that more is definitely more! 

MNML ELEMENTS are fashionable and easy to style, you’ve just got to mix and match them and experiment with your own aesthetic.

To become your jewellery must haves, Minimalist Lab is currently offering a Buy 3 Free 1 promotion for all online purchases. Get yourself a complete set and become a part of Minimalist Raya 2021.

The Buy 3 Free 1 promotion is available on all MNML ELEMENTS products. Just add them to your cart and use promo code “MNMLRAYA” when you checkout! 

If you are in KL, great news... Head over to MNML stores, located in Mid Valley and Pavillion which are open for business for last minute shoppers who worry their online orders will not arrive on time... 

Strict SOP are being followed to ensure the safety of all employees and customers alike and the staff will be ready to help you make the best jewellery decision this raya.
All MNML ELEMENTS products are sold at Buy 3 Free 1 in stores! 

This is me wearing the Mother of Pearl Lock necklace and the Pearl Huggie Hoops Earrings

Head over to.... To see more selections 


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