Apr 18, 2022

Grab Amazing Deals on Marrybrown App from as low as RM1

Gosh my friend was just so lucky and she was bragging (or in kinder words)sharing on Twitter about RM1 deal on Marrybrown app which she thought was a glitch but turned out to be the real deal!!!! 

So yours truly here also become kay poh (busy body) and decided to try my luck too in getting some good deal from the app…. 

And soooooo, I downloaded the app…. Ok done downloaded and done registered… when you done all that, check the ‘Deals’ are and you can find interesting deals…

There were definitely plenty of food and drinks offered at a discount, and pretty good prices that will save you some money…

Lucky for me, I managed to grab one of them when I was outside and in a rush but needed to break fast after fasting….

I managed to save RM3.50 with the deal on my favorite Hotouch Burger Combo!!!!

When you download the app you actually get to even redeem a free Marrybrown’s Crispy Chicken!!! How cool is that….

So what are you waiting for… download the app on your iPhone or Android smartphone from this link – https://mbapp.marrybrown.com

Good luck and have fun finding amazing deals on food you love…..

Twitter : @MarrybrownMY https://twitter.com/MarrybrownMY
Marrybrown website: https://marrybrown.com/


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