Jul 20, 2023


Runners can now get set to elevate your game to unprecedented heights as HOKA, the trailblazer in high-performance running shoes, launch its first-ever retail store in Malaysia. 

Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience as HOKA's groundbreaking footwear is now at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC)!!!

HOKA has garnered international acclaim for its unwavering commitment to delivering extraordinary performance and unparalleled comfort. 

Now, the power of HOKA's revolutionary designs is set to sweep across Malaysia, inspiring runners of all levels to embrace their inner Fly Human Fly and conquer the miles ahead.


HOKA has established itself as the go-to brand for runners seeking a winning combination of style, quality, and performance. The HOKA experience is meticulously crafted, blending premium-grade materials, state-of-the-art cushioning systems, and precision engineering to create an unrivalled running sensation. This formula has captured the hearts of professional athletes and recreational runners alike, propelling HOKA to the forefront of the running world.


What sets HOKA apart from the competition is its unique ability to unite comfort, style, and cutting-edge design. Prepare to be astounded as HOKA's signature maximalist midsole design propels your running experience to new heights. With generous cushioning and exceptional energy return, HOKA shoes provide unparalleled impact absorption, joint protection, and an effortless boost forward. It's like running on clouds, empowering you to conquer any distance with unparalleled confidence and grace.

But the excitement does not end there. HOKA is more than just a running shoe brand; it's a lifestyle.


Embracing fashion-forward designs, HOKA seamlessly blends style and function, transcending the boundaries between athletic performance and everyday wear. From the track to the urban jungle, HOKA empowers you to look and feel your best, delivering unmatched comfort every step of the way 

Mr. Pornsak Chinawongwatana, the CEO of REV Edition, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We couldn't be more thrilled to introduce Malaysia to the extraordinary world of HOKA running shoes. Our mission has always been to inspire athletes to reach new heights and achieve greatness. With our innovative footwear, we aim to ignite a running revolution in Malaysia, propelling runners of all levels to surpass their goals and accomplish remarkable feats."

The grand opening of HOKA's retail store at KLCC promises an immersive and captivating shopping experience for running enthusiasts. 

Step into a world where personalized guidance and expert advice await you. Knowledgeable staff members, who have embraced their own Fly Human Fly spirit, will help you find the perfect shoe tailored to your unique needs, whether you're conquering marathons, exploring rugged trails, or simply seeking everyday comfort with a touch of wingspan.

Sustainability is a core value at HOKA, and it resonates throughout every aspect of the store.

 Experience eco-friendly materials and designs that not only enhance your performance but also contribute to a greener future for runners and the planet.

To celebrate the momentous opening, HOKA is offering an exclusive promotion from July 14th to 31st. Customers who purchase any HOKA products during this period will have the incredible opportunity to join the exhilarating HOKA Fly Run KL on August 6th, alongside the vibrant HOKA Community. Take to the skies and join fellow Fly Human Fly enthusiasts as you glide through the streets of Kuala Lumpur. As an added bonus, participants will receive a complimentary HOKA merchandise, an emblem of their connection to the Fly Human Fly tribe, to claim before the run.

The wait is over! Experience the extraordinary and join the running revolution. Stay updated with the latest news and announcements by following HOKA on social media.

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  1. "HOKA UNLEASHES ITS REVOLUTIONARY FOOTWEAR EXPERIENCE IN MALAYSIA WITH GRAND OPENING OF KLCC RETAIL STORE": HOKA's grand opening of the KLCC retail store marks an exciting milestone for footwear enthusiasts in Malaysia. With their revolutionary designs and commitment to providing a superior footwear experience, HOKA introduces a new level of comfort and performance to the Malaysian market, catering to the needs of athletes and active individuals alike.


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