Jul 8, 2023


Guests and media were invited to an exclusive sneak peek of Kedah Fashion Week 2023 at Collab Store at The Shoppes At Four Seasons Place, where they were the first to discover the lineup of local and international designers who will set the trends and captivate at this upcoming event. 

The much anticipated Kedah Fashion Week 2023, scheduled from 4th to 6th August at Aman Central shopping complex in Kedah, promises to be a dazzling three-day fashion extravaganza that celebrates all things fashion in the Northern Region. With the theme of "Big Bang," this star-studded affair guarantees an intense level of glamour, unforgettable experiences, and visually stunning showcases that will surpass previous editions

And yet, the aim remains to create unparalleled opportunities for emerging designers to showcase their artistry and gain recognition, paving the way for a vibrant and thriving fashion community in the Northern Region. 

This sixth edition will build on the momentum of last year’s triumphant comeback after a brief hiatus, contributing to the local fashion industry and tourism while fostering job opportunities with the opening of new lifestyle brands at Aman Central, that will be a truly enriching experience for shoppers. 

Attendees can look forward to a captivating lineup of fashion shows and showcases featuring emerging and established local and international designers, fashion labels, and lifestyle brands. Aman Central, renowned as the most frequented shopping complex in the state, has experienced a remarkable footfall traffic growth, recovering to 95% of its 2019 shopper count. Regarded as the creative lifestyle hub of the Northern Region, it serves as the ideal venue for this year’s Kedah Fashion Week.

The chosen theme, "Big Bang," is a clever and tongue-in-cheek reference to the scientific theory suggesting that our universe originated from the explosive birth of a single particle at an incredibly precise moment in time. This theme captures the essence of Kedah Fashion Week's vision, where a serendipitous confluence of events serves as the glitzy spark propelling the event's expansion to surpass even its previous scale and magnitude. Just as the universe unfolded from that single particle, Kedah Fashion Week aspires to ignite a vibrant and dynamic fashion scene, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

"Our commitment extends beyond hosting exhibitions," expressed Grace Ho, Director of Belleview Group. "We are dedicated to fostering collaboration between esteemed brands and a talented pool of international and local designers. By providing a dynamic space for these creative forces to converge, we inspire innovation and push the boundaries of artistic expression. Get ready to immerse yourself in the most daring and captivating fashion event in the Northern Region."


From modern minimalism, avant-garde flourishes, and intricate traditional Kedah garments to quiet luxury, and high-end jewellery, this year’s unforgettable experience promises to be an exploration of the Northern Region’s diverse fashion identity. 

Official fashion partner Collab Store will kick off the week’s festivities with a bang as the opening act with engaging celebrity collaborations. Embarking on this journey are two local Kedahan visionary designers, Ikmal Mukmin of Gens Great Idea and Jeremy Lim of YT Label fame, who will serve as the state's adventurous introduction. This thrilling journey will pave the way for bold Malaysian designers, such as Asyraf Arrif, Ezuwan Ismail, Anuar Faizal, Teddie Alrashed for Bleu Natar and Oscar Lee for Outdwell. 

Not to be outdone are local fashion veterans headlined by ByTwoo, Daniel Zharif, Dee Roslan, Salleh Hamid, Amaze, Naemah Khuntum, Hasfitri Yusof, Wan&Mary, and the stylish duo of Seth&Luna. And joining the fun are Kanapot Aunsorn from Thailand, and the return of Yadanar from Myanmar. Finally, there will also be a parade of the latest collections from Aman Central tenants such as Bonia, HLA, New Era, Tomei, Icahfa, D'yana, Elrah Exclusive, and LokalTee

“Since 2016, we have been at the forefront of promoting diversity while creating job opportunities for Malaysians in the fashion industry,” added Lawrence Te’h, COO of Retail and Commercial of Belleview Group. "Fashion is inherently individualistic, serving as a form of self-expression. With this understanding, we strive to cater to every stylistic preference and taste, showcasing the creations of over 15 talented local and international designers."

The result of this collective effort will be a harmonious convergence of nationalities at Aman Central, fostering meaningful dialogue and appreciation for the diverse perspectives that will shape the future fashion landscape of Malaysia. Moreover, the organiser’s dedication extends beyond championing local designers and fashion insiders. Over 90% of the models gracing the stage and strutting down the runway will be locals, truly reflecting and celebrating the beauty and inherent talent of our community.


Kedah Fashion Week 2023 remains a collaborative effort where audience participation and interaction is all part of the fun. And adding a dash of excitement to the proceedings are special appearances by Aishah, Lah Ahmad, Ziana Zain, Dr Soo Wincci, and Datin Winnie Loo. Her Royal Highness Duli Yang Teramat Mulia Che Puan Muda Zaheeda, the Raja Puan Muda Kedah, will also grace all three days of the event with her royal presence.

“Over the years, I’ve seen several homegrown talents have become the next big thing in fashion because of platforms that have nurtured their growth,” says hair maestro Datin Winnie Loo. “And that’s why I’m excited and looking forward to Kedah Fashion Week 2023. Where else can you have a melting pot of different style interpretations and imaginative takes on the latest trends with ample opportunities given to a new cohort of young and aspiring new designers.”

"I firmly believe that the fashion community has become more cohesive in recent years," added former beauty queen Dr Soo Wincci. "Embracing diversity and inclusivity are vital in offering a unique perspective rather than conforming to an idealized standard. Throughout my own participation in various fashion weeks and events, it is refreshing to see new faces being given their well-deserved opportunities in the spotlight. Kedah Fashion Week serves as the perfect stage to be creative while remaining true to oneself."

Kedah Fashion Week 2023 is made possible with the support of a growing roster of collaborators and partners including Shoppes at Four Seasons Place, Collab Store, Frazel Heritage Hotel, Self Supply, Bonia, Tomei, Osim, New Era, D’yana, Elrah Exclusive, Yole, Royce', Nando's, HWC Coffee, and Lokalteez.
And that’s not all as prominent lifestyle and hospitality brands including HLA, ICAHFA, BMW Lee Motors, Stay City Hotel, Bt Haus Retreat, Visual Art D├ęcor, Clover Makeup & Beauty Academy, Himalaya, Kafe Moara, Zoomix, Barbara Flower Shop, and Ecobrown's also extended their invaluable support as official sponsors.

"Kedah Fashion Week has continually shattered the limits of creativity," exclaimed Grace Ho. "Our previous presentation of sustainable Batik collections, paying homage to Malaysian culture, stands as a testament to this mission. With each passing year, we endeavour to establish Kedah as the ultimate destination for fashion enthusiasts. The overwhelming and generous support we have received is a resounding confirmation that we are indeed on the right path. Brace yourselves for the magnificent explosion that will ignite Kedah Fashion Week 2023 in August!"


To learn more about Aman Central and Kedah Fashion Week 2023, please visit https://www.amancentral.com.my/

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