May 10, 2024

Put your #GumHealthFirst with Systema!

For most people, a beautiful set of clean white teeth is said to equal good oral health. However, Systema, a renowned gum protection expert from Japan, emphasizes that healthy gums are equally important and the cornerstone of one’s oral health. 

Systema is launched their #GumHealthFirst campaign to help tackle Malaysia's prevalent gum disease issue, and committed to sustaining and expanding this initiative with a long-term vision to make a lasting impact on oral health in Malaysia. Continuing its collaboration with the Malaysia Society of Periodontology (MSP) and the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH), this initiative aims to raise awareness about the critical role healthy gums play in overall oral wellness.

Speaking at the campaign launch, Dr. Noormi Binti Othman, Principal Director of Oral Health, Ministry of Health Malaysia emphasized the seriousness of gum disease prevalence in Malaysia, and shed light on its significant impacts on the nation’s oral health landscape.

 “94.5% of Malaysian adults suffer from unhealthy gums . Shockingly, this issue is even more prevalent among adults aged 35 to 44 years old, with a staggering 96% facing gum health challenges. Additionally, periodontitis, a severe form of gum disease, affects 38.2% of Malaysian adults according to The National Oral Health Survey of Adults 2020, said Dr. Noormi 

“Gum health is an integral component of general oral health and well-being. Gum disease, a silent yet pervasive threat, has entrenched itself within our society. The implication of this epidemic is profound, extending far beyond oral health alone.” 

Many of us are not aware of the role our gums play in helping us stay healthy. The fact is, our gums are not only the gatekeepers against bacteria and infections in our mouths but also provide essential support to our teeth. With proper care, they act as the main defence in keeping our bodies healthy by serving as a protective barrier to prevent inflammation and other health issues. 

Mr. Tomotaka Oka, Managing Director of Southern Lion further stressed the necessity of prioritizing gum health: “These statistics shed light on the current state of gum health among Malaysians, prompting us to confront a stark reality: despite advancements in oral care, many individuals are still neglecting their gum health. 

This is a critical issue that demands our immediate attention and action. As a brand dedicated to gum disease prevention and oral health, we understand the impact that gum health has on overall well-being. Healthy gums are the foundation of a confident smile and a healthy body. Therefore, it is imperative that we prioritize gum health and take proactive steps to address this pressing public health concern.” 

Mr. Oka continued: “Systema aims to encourage Malaysians to become more proactive about their gum health by prioritizing #GumHealthFirst, recognizing its importance as the root of healthy teeth. With sufficient awareness, we firmly believe that preventing gum disease is achievable. By  practicing a simple yet consistent oral care routine, individuals can safeguard their gum health for a lifetime.”

 “Through the #GumHealthFirst campaign, we  empower individuals with knowledge about proper oral hygiene practices, including effective brushing techniques and the selection of suitable oral care products. Our goal is to instil lifelong habits that promote optimal gum health,” said Mr. Oka.

Systema's innovative toothbrushes are at the forefront of this initiative. Featuring the new and improved SlimTech™ technology and the renowned soft 0.02mm super tapered bristles with a 40% thinner  brush head base that provides deeper reach to the back teeth and better cleaning, ensuring thorough plaque removal that is clinically proven to help prevent gum problems. 

Used together with Systema's toothpaste that is enriched with gum protection ingredients such as IPMP, GK2, and TDS, it offers 4X better gum protection  and a comprehensive shield against bacterial buildup and gums discomfort. By incorporating the right dental products into daily oral care routines, individuals can improve their gum health and reduce the risk of developing gum-related issues. 

Also present at the campaign launch was Dr. Mohd Faizal Hafez Hidayat, President of Malaysian Society of Periodontology (MSP) who highlighted the risks associated with gum disease, including tooth loss and serious health conditions.

“Unhealthy gums are more than just an impact to one’s oral health. They can lead to serious issues like tooth loss and difficulties in everyday activities such as chewing and speaking. But it doesn't stop there. Untreated gum disease can spiral into serious health conditions like osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, respiratory issues, stroke, and diabetes, highlighting how crucial oral health is for our overall well-being."

The urgency of addressing gum health is further emphasized by the National Oral Health Survey of Adults 2020. Notably, among individuals with deep periodontal pockets, a significant portion suffers from diabetes and cardiovascular disease—27.5% and 24% respectively1, highlighting the intersection between oral health and systemic well-being.

Dr. Faizal stressed the importance of adopting preventive measures as part of daily oral care routines. “Preventing gum disease starts with simple yet crucial habits. Regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste, daily flossing, and avoiding tobacco products are essential steps in maintaining optimal gum health."

As part of the campaign, Systema also introduces the brand’s newly revamped gum health portal, which allows Malaysians to digitally assess their gum health, and obtain valuable insights, tips, and tools for maintaining optimal gum and overall oral health. Designed to be fun and informative for everyone, this interactive online platform will become a go-to resource for maintaining healthy gums.

In addition, throughout May and June 2024, a mobile dental clinic will be touring across Peninsular Malaysia. Conducted in collaboration with Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), this mobile dental clinic is set to offer FREE gum health assessments in  towns near you 

Systema's #GumHealthFirst campaign aims to empower Malaysians with the knowledge and tools to safeguard their gum health. By prioritizing gum care, individuals can prevent gum disease and maintain overall health.

For more information about Systema's #GumHealthFirst campaign and its related activities, check out the online portal at .


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