Dec 5, 2017

Beauty Kaseh Skincare 5 in 1.. beautiful skin in 7 days

Taking care of my beauty, even if I am not a great beauty is of importance to me. I have my vanity and I believe no matter what we should not let our beauty go... At very least, be presentable and attractive...

I am also pretty cautious when trying new products... and when I had a box of Beauty Kaseh Skincare given to me, believe me or not, I was highly suspicious...

How can I not be when the box read... "Rahsia Cantik Menawan Dalam 7 Hari!!"  or translated in English, "Beauty Secrets in 7 Days!!"

My mind went 'krik, krik, krik....' , hahah... So, among the questions running through my mind was...  'Can I believe this or not', and secondly... 'what chemicals are there in this product'...

Surprisingly, the product actually comes with a KKM certification, which put my mind at ease a bit.. but my suspicious mind would not entirely rest...

Ok, lets check out the product... 

BEAUTY KASEH SKINCARE 5 IN 1 , Retailing Price : RM80 (SM) / RM95 (SS)

Beauty Kaseh 5 in 1 Set consisting of....
~ Milky Soap = NOT140104343K
~ Roses Toner = NOT140104332K
~ Pearl Cream (day cream) = NOT140104341K
~ Diamond Cream (night cream) = NOT140104335K
~ Gold Cream (kunyit/tumeric cream) = = NOT140104334K

Lets begin with the Milky soap... it is a bright orange soap.. which made me cringe the first time I saw it...  Sorry, but I was kind of expecting a white coloured soap.. since the name was Milky...

The Milky soap is formulated from a combination of rice extracts, milk and rose water... and helps to clear our face, get rid of dead skin cells, has the ability to micro clean our face, and well.. it also helps to clear, whiten, soften, tighten the skin on our face as well as shrink pimples....


The next product is the Roses toner... which did smell like a combination of roses and uggghhh, thinner.. remember the thinner you put inside your liquid paper in school years ago, or maybe the nail polish remover..

The Roses toner is like water, with just some very slight stinging sensation on the face when used.. 

The Roses toner actually helps to moisten our skin, shrink our pores and help freshen and clean our skin better.. while balancing our skin pH..

The main ingredients here are actually rose water and aloe vera


Pearl cream

The Pearl cream smells noxious too, and when you apply liberally on your face, it can make your face look a tad too white... but contains pearl powder and grape seed oil...

The pearl cream which is your day cream can actually clarify your skin to the optimum, protects your skin from UV rays with SPF 35 and balance your skin to look even...


Diamond cream

The Diamond cream is made from Vitamin E, Argan oil and collagen powder....
The Diamond cream actually supplies nutrition and help to repair our skin structure at night after you have had a day in the sun..

Using this Diamond cream, you will also notice your skin getting firmer, moisturized and eventually similar to a baby's butt... heheheh


Gold cream

The Gold cream made me cringe again when I opened it and used it the first time.. my daughter laughed at me and said I was following in Donald Trump's footsteps since my face was all orangey after applying this cream....

The Gold cream is however made from Tumeric and jojoba oil... and it actually treats our skin from any skin damages... It also helps prevents pimples and lighten your blackheads... and heal any flaws in your skin so that your skin can glow and look youthful again...

How to use...

Day time routine...
1. Wash your face with the ' Milky soap '
2. Tone with ' Roses Toner '
3. Apply ' Pearl cream ' 

Night time routine 
1. Wash your face with the ' Milky soap '
2. Tone with ' Roses Toner '
3. Apply 'Diamond cream ' or  ' Gold cream ' (alternate)

The company warns though that when you first use the products, sometimes you can feel some slight itch or stinging feeling, which you are just suppose to continue usage of the products...

So what do I think of these products... to be honest... well, I hate the smell, hahaha.... having been used to normal creams that smell luxurious or floral like Mamonde etc...  but I am continuing to use it as I really find the products pretty amazing.. 

My skin has definitely looked clearer with less open pores, less blackheads and all... so yes, this product actually and amazingly works.. I love it.. even if I still cringe using the Gold Cream, did you know I washed my face immediately after applying it the first time, and when it washed off, I applied it again...

Product may be slightly cringy in my opinion hahaha.. with the smell and all but it makes my skin look great... so I am so overlooking everything else.. for nice skin... hahahahah

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