Dec 31, 2017

Saying Goodbye to 2017

2017 has been a roller coaster of ups and downs.. and well, it has been a super challenging ride...

I am however glad to have a few good bloggers and influencers friends who has supported me and was there for me when things got super tough... and also even if they did not quite know what was going on, their
friendship, company and support had been a great help... and from there we have formed some bonding of sorts as well, one that made me a more positive, stronger and braver person... thank you guys.. you know who you are...

And yes, thank you for all PR companies for the jobs that came my way.. 

There were also difficult decisions to be made but well, to quote Bowie Cheong (tumpang your quote ya.. hahaha) I too have to "Learn from all the experience, let go of the things that confuse my heart and soul... Breathe out the negativities. Life is less stressful when I surround myself with the things that I love, and there is just no point in living our lives to make someone else happy when we are wallowing in misery."

And I was forced to axed many negative/somewhat toxic people out of my life... before I get sucked into their game and follow in Chester Bennington  or Shinee's Jonghyun's footsteps since I was practically wallowing in depression... 

May 2018 be kind to me and bring me fresh beginnings, more jobs for me and my teammates and friends... 

Happy New Year 2018 to everyone... cheers and may 2018 be an awesome year too for you....

Ok.. please pardon all my perasan/vain pictures but this post is about me and re emergence in the world like a phoenix, hopefully... 


  1. Love reading this... you are always so awesome and great real to yourself and everyone!!


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