Oct 23, 2019

Angry Birds Splash Water World at Setia Eco Hill, Semenyih

Rovio Entertainment is collaborating with award-winning organizer One Universal Production Sdn Bhd (OUP) to bring Malaysians a fun filled adventure through the world’s first Angry Birds Splash Water World.

  The Angry Birds Splash Water World will be located in SP Setia, Setia Ecohill, Semenyih during the upcoming School Holiday 2019.

Created in 2009 by the Finnish company, Rovio Entertainment, Angry Birds started out as a popular mobile game and has since evolved from games to various entertainment and consumer products in brand licensing. Following on from the recent global release of The Angry Birds Movie 2, the Angry Birds Splash Water World will be a collection of activities big and small taking place under the sun at the wide-open space @Setia EcoHill for two months.

Loveable characters in the franchise including Red, Chuck, Bomb, Terence, Mighty Eagle, and of course, the lovely Hatchlings will be featured across the Angry Birds Splash Water World. 

Along with dozens of other Angry Birds elements, we welcome you to celebrate Christmas and usher in 2020 New Year with us.

The Angry Birds Splash Water World will be running on specific dates for two months, starting from 22 November 2019 and ending on the day school resume, 5 January 2020. 

Only 2,000 tickets will be available to the public per day, to ensure smooth operation and a great experience for all.

The highlight will be the inflatable Angry Birds water slides and obstacle featuring Red, Chuck, Bomb, Mighty Eagle and Terence. Among them the tallest water slide stands at 12 meters in height are sure to give visitors the thrill. Joining the huge inflatable slides, there will also be characters parade, characters meet-and-greet and non-scripted dance activities to entertain the crowd. Combined, we bring on the largest theme mobile water inflatables in the world to Malaysia.

Last but not least, the Angry Birds Pop-Up store will feature a wide range of exclusive Angry Birds merchandise and memorabilia. It's the perfect place to pick up a present for Christmas and New Year. For tickets details and purchases, please visit https://www.ticket2u.com.my/event/15739


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