Oct 25, 2019

The essence of today’s women Introducing Eve Confidence and Eve Elegance by Avon

So yours truly was over at the launch of Avon's two new fragrances EVE Confidence and EVE Elegance, right after the successful launch of EVE Duet last year with the lovely Eva Mendes as the spokesmodel... 

The parfums reflect life as an endless story with new challenges and roles to play. “With EVE Elegance and EVE Confidence I can wonderfully scent different moments of my life,” says Eva. 

Eve Confidence opens with sweet notes of frangipani weaved with rich black current and refined oakwood. Each spray will give you an extra dose of confidence that excludes your courage. 

Your confident and ambitious moments are best expressed with Eve Confidence long lasting scent. “A spray of EVE Confidence and I’m ready for anything,” says Eva.

Eve Elegance is perfect for those moments when you want to reflect your effortless sophistication and refined style.

Graced with gentle jasmine petals, layered with a burst of fizzy pomegranate and wrapped by the ambience of luminous amber woods. 
Eve Elegance is the perfect scent to embrace your personality. It’s perfect for those moments when you don’t want to just be noticed, but to be remembered.

The Eve collection gives you the chance to make memories last forever by matching your perfume to precious moments in time and personally, I am really loving the scents.... 

Eve Confidence Eau de Parfum and Eve Elegance Eau de Parfum will be in stores soon beginning 1st November 2019 and will be selling at RM95.00 WM / RM109.25 EM each for 50ml...

You can get them from Avon Dealers, Avon Beauty Boutique or via online at shop.avon.my... For more info, be sure to check out to http://www.my.avon.com


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