Oct 29, 2019

Some of The Most Loved Dishes At Texas Chicken Malaysia

There is something special about the American fast-food chains that has made them so popular all around the world. Today you will be hard-pressed to find a country that does not have an American fast-food restaurant. Their fried chicken has taken the world by surprise and we simply cannot get enough of it. Texas Chicken is one such hugely popular American fast-food chain. If you are someone who loves spicy food and fried chicken then you will surely fall in love with texas chicken. In Malaysia, it is amongst the top 10 most popular fast-food chains. Some people say it's even better than KFC. So here, we will take a look at their menu and discuss some of its most popular dishes. You can also order Texas chicken from FoodPanda Malaysia where the delivery is real fast.  

You can check them out here: https://www.foodpanda.my/city/kuala-lumpur 

Chicken Recipes: 

Texas Chicken, Malaysia offers multiple chicken-based dishes. They are the original recipe, spicy chicken, tenders and chicken nuggets. The original recipe is the one that made texas chicken so popular in the first place.  

Though it is preferred by those who love western-styled food. For some people, it's not spicy enough. If you prefer having American style food then you will love it. The chicken is soft and juicy. The good thing is that it is hand-battered and prepared in small batches. Since it is prepared in small batches and marinated individually, it helps in maintaining the overall quality and taste of the dish.  

For a more spicy taste, you can go for their spicy chicken. Spicy chicken is prepared after one full night marination. Yes, that's a lot of time for the chicken to get marinated. Such long marination helps the chicken to absorb the flavor of the spices well. You can read reviews online and you will see that people have actually cried after eating this chicken. Some people say they have never had a more flavourful chicken in their life.
 Yes, it actually tastes this amazing. You must try it for yourself to believe us. Tenders and nuggets are chicken-based snacks. They taste like any other standard chicken snack. Nothing special about them but also nothing bad about them. You can surely enjoy these chicken snacks with your evening tea or a small drink. 

Mexicana Burger: 

Now, who doesn't love having burgers? They are a fun and quick way to quench your hunger. But sometimes it gets really difficult to get a hold of a good chicken burger. The Mexicana burger is here to impress.  

Its taste speaks of the international standards that texas chicken maintains. The bread buns are soft and luscious. The chicken patty is well fried and soft but it's not oily or fatty. The spicy mayo used in the Mexicana burger gives it that extra kick of spice and the use of fresh lettuce leaves makes the burger a wholesome meal. 

Sides and Snacks: 
If you are not in the mood for having a big meal then you can also try some of their really popular side items. One of the most popular items is Honey Butter Biscuits.  

They are made in house and dipped in honey butter as soon as they are taken out of the oven. They are prepared in small batches so you can be sure that you are having freshly prepared cookies.  

They even have coleslaw on their menu. Some people who like just having salads really appreciate the coleslaw at Texas Chicken. It's creamy and spicy and tastes yum.  

They also have Porridge. If you want to have a really nice, light and healthy breakfast, be sure to chem out the porridge at Texas Chicken.  


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