Oct 1, 2019

Norwegian Fjord Trout for a Healthy Heart campaign at AEON in conjunction with World Heart Day

Norway has the perfect living conditions for Fjord Trout, being surrounded by ice-cold waters with fjords stretching deep into its coastline. It is farmed in the ocean, in the pure, cold Norwegian fjords where seawater meets fresh meltwater from the glaciers and snow, in a process meeting the highest standards in regard to environment and sustainability.

‘Norwegian Fjord Trout for a Healthy Heart’ is the theme of a month-long campaign from 27 September to 27 October by the Norwegian Seafood Council in collaboration with AEON throughout the country. The campaign will be launched on 27 September at AEON in 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya by Her Excellency Gunn Jorid Roset, the Norwegian Ambassador to Malaysia.

“From our annual Seafood Consumer Insights, we know that Norway is the preferred country of origin for Malaysians when it comes to purchasing Fjord Trout,” said Asbjorn Warvik Rortveit, Norwegian Seafood Council’s Regional Director, South-East Asia. Norwegian Fjord Trout is gradually gaining popularity in Malaysia and this is evident as the export volume of fresh Norwegian Fjord Trout has increased significantly from 77 tonnes in 2010 to 1670 tonnes in 2018.
“Our survey also shows that Malaysians are known to choose Norwegian Fjord Trout for its health and nutritional benefits,” said Rortveit. The Norwegian Fjord Trout is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, an essential nutrient for a healthy heart.

From 27 to 29 September, the Norwegian Fjord Trout will be showcased in cooking demos at AEON in 1 Utama. Shoppers will be shown how to cook simple and wholesome Norwegian Fjord Trout dishes at home.

Besides AEON, other partners participating in this campaign are Hospital Cardiac Vascular Sentral Kuala Lumpur (CVS) and HealthifyMe App. During the 3 days, there will be health talks by cardiologist consultant, dietician and fitness experts and activities such as free health checks, dietician advice and fitness advice. HealthifyMe dietician Mitra Prasad has created a 7 Day Meal Plan with Norwegian Fjord Trout.
Throughout the month in all the AEON outlets, there will be giveaways with purchase of Norwegian Fjord Trout, health screening packages by CVS and Premium Access promotion by HealthifyMe App.
About Norwegian Fjord Trout

The Norwegian Fjord Trout has become very popular in Malaysia due to its unique taste, health benefits and appealing red colour. It has a similar appearance to salmon and is often sold in supermarkets as salmon trout or even as salmon, making consumers believe it is a type of salmon when in fact it is a whole different species.

The Fjord Trout grows to a weight of 2-5 kilos, which is a bit smaller than salmon. The skin of the Fjord Trout is similar to salmon, with a lustrous and silvery colour. Fjord Trout meat has a deep red-orange colour with white marbling that gives the fillets a luxurious feel. The meat has a healthy sheen and is firm, yet tender and mellow. Fjord Trout has a remarkably rich flavour with a pure aftertaste.
Norway is a world-renowned pioneer when it comes to modern trout and salmon farming. Generations of experience with harvesting from the sea, has given Norwegians unique knowledge in what it takes to manage these resources in the right way and deliver fish of the highest quality possible.

Norway is the second largest seafood exporter in the world, and the world’s largest producer of farmed Atlantic salmon and Fjord Trout. Harvesting from the seas has always been an important part of Norwegian culture and history. In fact, fishing was a vital premise for the first Norwegians being able to settle and live along the cold, windy coastline of this northern country.
For centuries seafood has been both a basic source of food and an important trade for Norway. This has given Norwegians unsurpassed knowledge and experience in every aspect of handling these precious treasures from the sea.

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