May 31, 2022

Focus, Sustain and keep Calm with Nestle LIVELY Tea

NESTLÉ LIVELY™ Tea invites Malaysians to join in on the celebration by enjoying the refreshing taste of its innovative iced tea, infused with the wonders of botanical extracts. In conjunction with this meaningful celebration, Malaysians are encouraged to discover and enjoy NESTLÉ LIVELY™ Tea campaign from 15 May to 15 July 2022.

From calming the soul to providing a refreshing burst of flavour, tea has always been a popular choice of beverage for many to enjoy a moment of peace and relaxation amidst their busy schedules. When served warm, tea can immediately bring a relaxing comfort while iced tea is a great way to quickly quench one’s thirst.

 NESTLÉ LIVELY™ Tea takes this experience to the next level with its range of refreshing tea drinks infused with unique botanical extracts derived from traditional herbs and fruits used for centuries across different cultures, for their known beneficial effects. 

On top of it, NESTLÉ LIVELY™ Tea is also lower in sugar compared to other fruit-flavoured tea-based drinks, making it a tastier and healthier option with beneficial properties. 

The NESTLÉ LIVELY™ Orange Guarana Tea is brewed with Guarana extract, a plant native to the Amazon, and tangy orange peel notes first used by the Guarani Tribes in the Amazonic jungle to sharpen their senses ahead of the hunt. Enjoy this refreshing variant for those moments when you need to regain focus.
NESTLÉ LIVELY™ Raspberry Lemon Balm Tea is brewed with a burst of raspberry, and a hint of minty lemon balm, a botanical extract known also as the “Elixir of Life” and used for centuries in Europe for its relaxing properties. Just what you need for moments of calmness and reflection.
Need a refreshing boost to sustain throughout your day? Grab a bottle of NESTLÉ LIVELY™ Pear Schisandra Tea, that is brewed with a flavourful blend of pear and schisandra berries. Used as a traditional Chinese remedy over the centuries, Schisandra berries are believed to restore the body’s natural balance of Yin and Yang.
NESTLÉ LIVELY™ Tea is available at Aeon, CU Mart, Shell, Shopee/Lazada and many other petromarts and convenience stores in a 450ml bottle format. For more information, visit

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