May 10, 2022

Rock your Tongue with New Flavours from Miaow Miaow

Oh gosh I have just tried some new snacks that makes my tongue burn…. But I am seriously really loving it… I did not expect these snacks to be so yummy!!!!!
So yeah, gaisssss /guys if you are in the mood for a burst of fiery tang in your mouth that will leave you wanting more, you really need to check out Miaow Miaow’s four new mouth-watering packs of tantalising flavours under the Flame series!!! I seriously cannot get enough…. These snacks comes in Sambal Balado and Curry BBQ Flavoured Prawn Crackers, as well as the Korean Spicy Flavoured Prawn Crackers and Cuttlefish Crackers… and I seriously cannot decide which one I like better!!!!
Miaow Miaow is a family brand at heart that prides itself in delivering quality snacks that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages and these new flavours were introduced to cater to the growing demand for spicy snacks in the market. Having operated in Malaysia for decades now and successfully spreading their wings to nearly 40 countries, the Miaow Miaow brand is determined to continue enriching consumers’ lives by bringing happiness and that familiar taste with their snacks….
Sambal Balado, one of the current top trending flavours in the market, will provide consumers with a chance to indulge in the unique taste of Indonesian cuisine. The hot and spicy bumbu that is famously found in Minang dishes will appeal to the snack lovers who are seeking a sense of nostalgia and familiarity for a chilli sambal taste.
In hopes of enticing consumers with a world of flavours, igniting their sense of wanderlust, and evoking memories of travels abroad, Miaow Miaow was sure not to miss out on including the Korean Spicy flavour to their Flame series for both the prawn and cuttlefish crackers. This mouth-watering and delectable tasting cracker is so unique that it might even inspire you to book a plane ticket to the land of K-dramas on the spot!
For those that are craving a rich curry taste, the Curry BBQ flavour was introduced to make adventurous flavours more approachable and help end their day on a high note. This earthy and mildly spicy flavour is a combination of sweet and savoury spices that is set to take consumers on an explosive journey from the very first crunch.
This Flame series snacks will definitely appeal to all the curious souls that are adventurous and are not afraid of trying new things, especially for those who are unfamiliar with a certain flavour or taste…..
According to a market analysis conducted in Southeast Asia, spicy flavours are the second highest flavour in demand for newly released snacks from January 2016 to December 2020 (Mintel GNPD). And so, Miaow Miaow’s launch of the Flame series are just reiterating their commitment to keeping Malaysians' wants and needs as their main priority… but seriously, you really need to try these snacks… I think I am addicted!!!

What’s more… from 1 April to 30th June 2022, Miaow Miaow will be running a nationwide contest to further excite snack lovers and provide them with a chance to win attractive prizes such as the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro, Cornell 2in1 Steamboat BBQ Grill and many more that are worth up to RM6,500. All you would need to do is purchase any Miaow Miaow products worth RM10 and above, inclusive of one product from the Flame series in a single receipt. What are you waiting for? Get them now at your nearest hypermarket or supermarket now!
To find out more details on the Miaow Miaow contest, please visit

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