May 26, 2022

SLAÉ Cosmetics with Nature Inspiring Beauty anytime and everytime....

We women need makeup to improve our appearance…. Some of us can be addicted to makeup while others probably feel that they need to dress up well and wear nice makeup to boost their confidence…. Cos after all, we know very well that when we dress well and look great, it makes us feel good too and creates positive feelings….

A study somewhere says women need makeup for two main reasons; camouflage and seduction. Camouflage means hiding our negative feelings such as being anxious or insecure, while being seductive means feeling more attractive and confident…..

We all know that beautiful women can easily attract more attention and are normally more popular… and, like it or not, men justifies a woman’s personality based on her makeup… yes, it is true that each and every man probably have different opinion in defining attractive women but in the end, wearing makeup also leads to how men treat women…

But how safe is the makeup in the market? Many makeup however contains a lot of chemicals which function as emulsifier, thickener, coloring, preservative agents, fragrance and pH stabilizers in cosmetics… but I got introduced to SLAÉ

SLAÉ is a new brand of colour cosmetics / makeup that is inspired by nature, is safe and good for your skin; and it is with SLAÉ that you can be confident that you can be the best version of yourself with SLAÉ.

SLAÉ’s brand philosophy is ‘Nature Inspiring Beauty’ that drives its offering for cosmetic range with amazing lines of colours made with naturally-derived ingredients and safe formulation that are inspired by nature.

SLAÉ offers makeup products for face, lips and eyes that combine the goodness of natural ingredients through Ultra-Colour-Naturals Technology to deliver richly pigmented colours with high intensity and durability and also with Care4You formulation that is FREE from Parabens, Alcohol, Mineral Oils and Fragrance.

Among some of SLAÉ makeup products I am super loving are:-

Bare & Boujee Cushion Foundation -RM68.90
Achieve the best-looking skin with this game-changing creamy cushion foundation, that combines the goodness of natural ingredients through Ultra-Colour-Naturals Technology and inspired by the smooth sands of the Sahara desert. Contains oil-absorbing properties in a lightweight texture that covers skin in a matte finish.

Comes in Light Beige, Natural Beige, Coco Beige shades….

Bare & Boujee Compact Powder - RM44.90
Explore the limitless possibilities for perfect skin complexion with this fine compact powder, that combines the goodness of natural ingredients through Ultra-Colour-Naturals Technology and inspired by the smooth sands of the Sahara desert. Formulated with spherical silica with oil-absorbing function, and soft focus effect to make your skin appear smooth and flawlessly matte all day long.

Comes in Light Beige, Natural Beige, Coco Beige shades…

Bloom This Way Creamy Matte Lipstick - RM29.90
Swipe on the original creamy matte liquid lipstick of matte vibrancy with an everlasting adherence and wear. With this creamy lipstick, you get pure colour on your lips for a beautiful modern matte finish. With the unique Ultra-Colour-Naturals Technology, it sets into a lightweight thin veil of a smooth and flexible non-transferable matte finish. Its pigmented colour intensity remains pure and vibrant at all times.

Comes in 6 beautiful shades of Pretty Lily, Dahlia Delight, Brown Orchid, Sweet Pea, Pink Carnation, Plum Peony

Summerkiss Liquid Lip Matte - RM33.90
Magic in the summer liquid lip matte provides you with a weightless thin film and colour-saturated lips when you smooth on this liquid lip matte, achieving single-stroke payoff that leaves your lips with captivating vibrant lip colour. It stays on with high adherence providing an extended wear, keeping your lips comfortable, soft and sophisticated over time.

Comes in 6 gorgeous shades - Sandy Beach, Suntanned, Strawberry Colada, Tropical Pink, Sea Coral, Hot Babe

Bloom This Way Powder Matte Lipstick - RM29.90
Dress your lips in Powdery Matte Lipstick and you’ll find a luxurious powdery creamy matte finish that sets into an adherent lightweight film. Despite its powdery sensoriality, it glides onto your lips with a smooth swipe and is not drying thanks to the perfectly balanced blend of spherical powders and oils. Formulated with elastomer resin, it has a good staying power, as well as water and transfer resistance.

Comes in 6 delectably lovely shades - Classy Camelia, Dusty Peony, Coral Daisy, Sakura Blossom, Pink Tulip, Rosy Red

Feline Microblade Eyebrow Liner - RM33.90
Perfect brows precision has never been so easy. With a smooth gliding microblading technique, this ultra-fine tipped brow marker allows for hair-like strokes in application for a natural finish. Once set, the colour doesn’t budge, transfer or smudge on any other surface.
Comes in two shades of Black Brown, Brown

Feline Liquid Eye Liner – Black - RM32.90
Achieve eye perfection with immediate intense colour release, smudge proof and high-comfort wear eyeliner. Draw in the detail with this long-lasting, smooth gliding liquid eyeliner suitable with two different tips for personalised design. With a superfine and flexible micro-felt tip for high precision easy fluid application, to define eyes that glides onto the lash line.

Feline Triple Threat Mascara – Black -RM38.90
Creating a quick trick on your mascara. Get your voluminous and fluttery lashes with just a simple stroke, it is that easy. The small brush helps with the precise upper and lower lash mascara application for a fanned out look. It’s a mascara to stay all day with high and rich pigmented formula to catch some attention

I am seriously loving the makeup and yes, the lipstick does not stain my face-mask even after hours of wear… and my make up stays put pretty well… 

Gonna be exploring other products and shades in near future…. Go check it out, I am sure you will love how you will slay with these gorgeous Nature Inspiring Beauty products that is aptly named SLAÉ

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SLAÉ is a local brand that is committed to empower working women and busy women, and best of all, it is also 100% natural and cruelty free!


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  1. Thank you for loving SLAE Cosmetics. We are here to make all women feel beautiful as they are - Nik Sarina.


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