May 31, 2022

IDW Manifest Life with new headquarters and introducing the 10 Interior Design Scheme in 2023

Was lucky to be among the members of the media and influencers invited for the IDW Design Raya open house where the owners, IDr Hj. Lokman Hakim and IDr Hjh. Rabiatul Adawiyah presented their Top 10 Interior Design Scheme of 2023 while also launching their new State-of-the-Art Headquarters….

Throughout the 15 years in the industry, IDW had made multiple breakthroughs, and amongst them is of course by moving to a bigger building to accommodate their growing team….

The new headquarters is designed to reflect IDW’s commitment in helping and giving property owners in Malaysia better services.

IDW Design & Build is not only an interior design firm that focuses on craftmanted luxury designs, it also implements technology to its business processes and flows to enhance clients’ experience when building their dream home. 

IDW Design has also newly launched their IDW Design SuperApp, which would be the first interior design application in Malaysia. (

To celebrate the commencement of reaching a new milestone, IDW presented the 10 Interior Design Scheme of 2023 during the launch of the headquarters….

The modern office—that can fit up to 100 staff—is located at No. 2, 4 & 6, Jalan Pegaga A U12/A Seksyen U12, Desa Alam, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor.

The inspiration for the 10 Interior Design Scheme of 2023 came during the Movement Control Order (MCO) where the founders of the company realized that Malaysians are now more open when it comes to designing their home. MCO allows people to be on social media more often, albeit exposing them to more bold interior design ideas; unlike the usual traditional designs. The concepts chosen will allow Malaysians to explore how to give more impact to their home, which will then boost the interior design industry in the country.

For the 10 Interior Design Scheme….
Maximalism is the art of more-is-more. This design style suits those who love highly saturated colours, ample accessories and bold gestures; a display of expansive collections, mixing and matching a variety of colours and patterns.

London Classic Contemporary
London Classic Contemporary style is curated, minimal and uncluttered. It is about refined elegance, where handcrafted, quality-made pieces are incorporated to create sophistication and to reflect your individual style. A style that suits a city workaholic.

Lux interior design is over the top, luxurious, glamorous and fabulous; filled with custom made or hard-to-find pieces, finer materials and textures. It is for a person who is interested in craftsmanship and expensive textures of the finest quality.

Coastal style emphasises lighter tones and embraces casual furnishings in neutral layers to create a cosy and calming ambience. Its reflected natural seaside elements—sand, seashells and sky—suit those who love the ocean.

Country interior design is a casual and cosy decorating style that portrays a leisure country life. The most used elements are wood, brick and stone, along with other natural materials to create an inviting home. 

Indochine is a blend of old nostalgia from Southeast Asia and the romantic beauty of France. This is the go-to choice for an aesthetic lover. An interior design combination from the East and the West that will add a timeless touch to modern homes.

Tropical style focuses on the use of natural materials such as bamboo, rattan, teak and fabrics with leaf patterns. The colour palette is a splash of bright green, turquoise, hot pink and warm yellow. A go-to design for those who love the lushful tropical forest.

Parisian interiors are a decorative style with an innate sense of romantic and elegance. It is an integration of classic and contemporary styles. The overall tones are muted, with timber floor and decorative wall panelling. A true love for a timeless feminine.

Middle East
Middle Eastern home interiors are known for their bold colours, luxurious furniture made with traditional elements and of course, arabesque patterns and designs. This design is for individuals who love the richness of cultures and elegance in one place.

Modern Minimalist
Modern minimalist is a design that combines sleek furniture, bare essentials and neutral colours to create an elegant yet uncluttered space. If you like effortless beauty with clean lines, this is the style for you. 

In conjunction, the newly renovated showroom will be officially open to the public for the first time. IDW does not only provide interior design services; it is a one stop center for your home.

 The IDW headquarters is definitely a sight to behold, comfortable for both staff and would be / current customers…

All of the services and items can be accessed and purchased through the IDW Design SuperApp that can be downloaded from your local application store.

The features in the SuperApp are: Interior Design & Architecture Services, Design Inspirations, Weekly Newsletter, Daily Interior Tips, and Market Hall where the furniture used in IDW’s interior design projects can be purchased with the tip of your fingers.

Psst… by the way, to commemorate the occasion, IDW is offering 20 Limited Exclusive Consultation Slot that you can book through their IDW Design SuperApp to build your dream home to life.

For more information about IDW Design & Build, please visit or on Instagram at to browse for photos of finished interior projects and YouTube channel at IDW Design & Build to watch Manifest Life: Dubai; a 13-episode design lifestyle show.

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