Jul 18, 2022

A journey to better health and beauty with KUCATE Honey Herbs Tea

No matter how long we spent putting on our makeup, dieting, adjusting our outfits the sad truth is most of us, if not all of us do bot really feel confident or beautiful enough…

The most beautiful actress or celebrity has her own insecurities too and so the beauty market is always there…

Introducing KUCATE - Herbal Tea drink, a product from Datin Noor Kartini and her family (Datin Noor Kartini is the beautiful mother of one of the most popular celebrity in Malaysia, none other then Neelofa)

And yours truly had the opportunity to attend their grand launch which was held at a very beautiful banquet hall in Quill City Mall… it was attended by many beautiful women from all over Malaysia as well as Singapore, all looking like goddesses in white …

Kuca te comes from the Kelantanese Malay dialect for preparing tea!!!

KUCATE is a healthy and beneficial herbal tea drink made from only the finest natural ingredients. These herbs give many benefits to the body. KUCATE can be drank hot or cold and can easily blend into your daily lifestyle routine.

KUCATE comes in 4 different favours.

KUCATE tea is a combination of wildflower honey, dried herbs and fruits, and real edible wildflowers that is a feast for your senses, and which makes you feel good about yourself too….

This cubed tea is fragrant, beautiful to look at as it can actually bloom inside your cup (when you use really boiling hot water) and is just rich with good benefits!!!! Its like getting a flower from someone everyday!!!

And via a study, people who get flowers as a gift unanimously exhibited a Duchenne smile—a genuine expression considered by psychologists to be “the sole indicator of true enjoyment.

There are currently four types of KUCATE tea available for sale - Superwoman 7 Herbs, in addition to Osmanthus and Longan, Rose and Chrysanthemum, and Ginger and Chrysanthemum.

This Lifestyle tea is ideal for just about everyone and anyone (above 2 years old) as it has be made with dried herbs and fruits; it contains no caffeine; is safe and healthy for pregnant and nursing moms and perfect when served hot or cold….

Experience the subtle fusion of Ginger and honey, laced with the mild flowery flavour of Chrysanthemum with the KUCATE Ginger and Chrysanthemum Tea…..

Perfect for a Happy tummy :-
* Eases discomfort of bloated tummy
* Improves digestion
* Relieves migraines and inflammation

Experience the beautiful field of uniquely creamy and peachy flavour of Rose petals, and fragrant hint of Chrysanthemum infused in honey with KUCATE Rose and Chrysanthemum Tea…

Beau-tea helps you achieve Clear Skin which in many ways, Happy Skin :-
* Antioxidant powerhouse
* Healing Hydrator
* Wrinkle Eraser
* Redness Soother
* Oil Reducer

Experience the heavenly blend of the sweet and buttery fragrance of Osmanthus, and the herbal sweetness of dried longan infused in honey with KUCATE Osmanthus and Longan Tea…

This helps you be Stress Free: Breathe Better, Sleep Soundly:-
* Antioxidant powerhouse
* High in minerals
* Aids digestion
* Boosts immunity
* Improves energy

Experience the delicately sweet delicious nourishing tea specially created for all Superwoman to revitalize blood, balances mood and spirit - just what your body needs to recover and heal.
7 Super Ingredients from Dried Fruits and Dried Flowers (Rose, Red dates, Goji berry, Mulberry, Raisin, Longan, Ginger)

Superwoman tea helps Unleash the Power in You:-
* Alleviates the pain of menstruation and helps remove the old blood flow
* Relieves muscle soreness in postpartum and menstruation
* Boosts breast milk production for breastfeeding mothers
* Boosts production of red blood cells especially due to loss of blood during childbirth
* Prevents hair loss especially after childbirth
* Balances energy in the inner body (qi) and improves immunity
* Soothes anxiety, reduces stress and maintains a good mood

According to Datin Noor Kartini,  2 other new variants or  flavours will be added in the not to distant future which will be a combination of Habbatus sauda, Honey and Lemon as well as a Strawberry Tea with up to 7 herbs - all still under RND…..

So keep your senses and look out for it!!!! I know I am!!!

KUCATÉ is also launching their Buy & Win Campaign ( KEMPEN BELI & MENANG ) which will take place from 17 July 2022 until 31 December 2022. With each purchase of a TRIO COMBO which comes with a Stress Free, Happy Tummy & Beau-Tea worth RM197/SGD70/BND70, you can win attractive prizes including an Umrah package for 6 winners, Cash prizes worth up to  RM18,000 and KUCATÉ products worth more then RM200!!!

KUCATÉ is also a great business opportunity platform for those looking to earn some extra income part time or even full time... This platform offers the opportunity to the general public to start their own business with comprehensive training and support from the KUCATÉ team…

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