Jul 10, 2022

Clinelle CaviarGold, my favorite new skincare range....

Clinelle derived from two words: clinical and elle, meaning light, sums up the brand's vision to deliver professional-quality skincare, made with the finest clinically-tested ingredients that promised optimal and radiant skin health.

Clinelle has been committed to develop products without the 1600 known harmful ingredients that may cause skin irritation, premature aging and deterioration of skin health.

Clinelle products are 100% dermatologically tested, free from harmful ingredients and developed with natural key ingredients to deliver results.

Most of us  have heard about caviar...  caviar is supposedly an expensive delicacy from the rich and famous... someone said that of all the foods that have transitioned from tasty-on-your-plate to beautifying-ingredient-du-jour —think honey, yogurt, sugar, etc.—caviar is easily the most decadent...

Caviar is expensive to eat, and expensive to have in your skin care, but there is data showing that caviar extracts can help slow skin aging, thus caviar has become the most valuable ingredient in cosmetics for tightening and anti-aging of the skin. Rich in vitamins, proteins, omega-3, nucleic acids and phospholipids, it enhances antioxidant skin levels and improves its natural functions, resulting in impressive firming and rejuvenating of the face.

Caviar is or was actually a food consisting of salt-cured roe of the family Acipenseridae, eaten as a garnish or a spread. The term caviar traditionally refers only to roe from wild sturgeon in the Caspian Sea and Black Sea....

There has been quite a number of brands  that has produced their version of caviar products but unfortunately I have never gotten to try any until now- Clinelle CaviarGold Series which are more  affordable then the rest...

Clinelle CaviarGold Series are known for "Triple-Gold Lifting & Firming Complex" with rich formulas that combine Caviar and 24K Nano Gold and PhytoGold plant. 

- Caviar Black Gold is to increase skin firmness, moisture, and nourish the skin ( Repair )
- 24K Nano Gold is to enhance production of collagen until 325.9% ( Refine )
- PhytoGold is to brighten and disguise black spots ( Reshield )

The Clinelle CaviarGold Series comes in 6 variant products : Firming Cleanser, Firming Lotion, Firming Serum, Firming Eye Serum, Firming Cream, and Firming Facial Mask.

I was given the opportunity to try just 5 products from the range which are :-

What it is : 
This foaming gel cleanser deeply cleanses our skin of impurities and dullness without over-drying. Skin feels refreshed, soft & ready for treatment products.

How to use :
Pour sufficient amount of gel onto slightly wet hands, work in lather. Gently massage in circular movements, then rinse with lukewarm water. 

What it is :
This is a highly concentrated yet lightweight face lotion that minimizes pores, refines texture and allow better penetration of subsequent skincare products. 

How to use :
After cleansing, pour the lotion onto your palm or a cotton and gently pat all over face and neck until it completely absorbed.

What it is :
This is an intensive face serum that actually lifts, firm and provides long-lasting effects. Helps reduces wrinkles, discoloration and age spots. Your skin will feel uplifted, firmed and brighter.

How to use :
After toner, just apply 1-2 drops all over your face using upward movements.

What it is :
This Firming Eye Serum firms, lifts and lightens in one brilliantly executed formula, employing advanced technologies and Triple-Gold Firming and Lifting Complex ingredients to zero in on a specific challenge. It also provides instant hydration, while smoothing out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, diminishing the sensation of puffiness, banish dark circles, improving elasticity and firmness. Skin’s surface is refined and restored. 

How to use :
After serum, apply a drop or two of eye serum around your eye area with circular motion until it completely absorbed.

What it is :
The CavairGold firming moisturizing cream has an advanced formula that moisturizes our skin deeply and restore elasticity. It helps elevate natural contours and protects the skin from accelerated aging. Skin is firmed, nourished and protected.

How to use :
After serum, apply sufficient amount of cream then damp over face and neck with upward massage.

I am actually loving Clinelle CaviarGold Series as it really seems to restore back the moisture and firmness of my skin...which is more vital then before since I just got a year older....  especially loving that Eye Serum that reduce my puffy unsightly eyes...

Get yours from your nearest Guardian Malaysia stores or other pharmacy or supermarket

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