Jul 19, 2022

I Love You, What Happened? by Fiji Blue guides listeners through vulnerable moments

Through the combination of sad yet hopeful lyrics, Fiji Blue strives to guide the listener through their most vulnerable moments. 

Singer/songwriter Trevor Dering carries a unique writing style that touches on the inner conflicts between waves of sadness and ecstasy. The sound originated when Dering met producer Valentin Fritz at Berklee College of Music in 2017 where they developed the sonics that eventually blossomed into Fiji Blue’s first release in 2019.

Trevor was born & raised in Phoenix, Arizona where he found his love in songwriting & guitar. 

Drawing inspiration from artists like Stevie Ray Vaughn & John Mayer, Trevor creatively finds solitude in the mixture of guitar heavy storytelling. In his attempts to carve out a unique sonic identity he was introduced to Executive Producer Valentin Fritz in Boston where the two began their creative relationship.

Valentin was born in Stuttgart, Germany where he started his musical journey behind the drum set, piano, and guitar. Inspired by the diverse music & culture of his European upbringing, Valentin found his unique place between R&B and Dance Music.

Fiji Blue’s upbeat production mixed with somber, velvet vocals takes each listener on a unique yet familiar journey. Their I Love You, What Happened? EP has been released since July 1, 2022....

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